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Prepacked spicy chicken pasta - is that on the bad list 😲

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Jellybabie3 Fri 07-Apr-17 13:26:22

Ive just had a spicy chicken pasta pot from morrisons and now im worried as its packed full of mayo....tell me i am being stupid

DinosaurFanGirl Fri 07-Apr-17 13:28:58

You'll be fine, its homemade mayo that you have to be worried about because of the raw egg but the mayo in prepackaged stuff and from jars are likely to be full of preservatives and been stored correctly that the egg in the mayo is incredibly unlikely to have any food poisoning affect on you or baby xx

cliffdiver Fri 07-Apr-17 13:29:13

It will be pasteurised mayo so no need to worry.

dementedpixie Fri 07-Apr-17 13:34:54

Yes you're being stupid grin. It will not be made with raw egg

harleysmammy Fri 07-Apr-17 13:49:05

I have at least 1 chicken mayo baguette from greggs a week and the only things I like from mcdonalds/Burger King are chicken mayos and I'm 36 weeks. As long as it's bought from a shop you'll be fine x

NonsensicalNonsense Fri 07-Apr-17 15:56:41

Mayo is fine everywhere you can always have mayo unless you make it at home yourself. The law changed so restaurants are not allowed to serve anything except pre made bought in mayo. So you don't need to avoid mayo anyway OP.

dementedpixie Fri 07-Apr-17 16:04:45

Are you sure about that? I find it doubtful that there would be a law about what mayonnaise you could use in your own restaurant

DinosaurFanGirl Fri 07-Apr-17 16:11:36

Yeah I've eaten in places with homemade mayo on the menu... Meant I had to obviously avoid having that dish

NonsensicalNonsense Fri 07-Apr-17 16:58:45

Yes i am sure 100% was informed about this in a michelin star restaurant. If places are choosing to still make their own thats their choice i guess i dont know what the law states exactly BUT in that case it should always state home made mayo on the menu. Any normal shop or restaurant and fast food places will all be proper mayo so nothing to worry about OP.

Jellybabie3 Fri 07-Apr-17 17:56:14

Thanks all. Mine field of do's and don't's!!

Peachy89 Fri 07-Apr-17 19:17:00

I'm 14+4 and I live off that spicy chicken pasta at the minute!

Jellybabie3 Fri 07-Apr-17 20:19:32

grin it was delicious. I LOVE pasta at the mo.....not sure its great for the scales but hey....

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