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45 2nd pregnancy ivf new to London

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Immi2015 Fri 07-Apr-17 12:17:04

Hello can anyone recommend obgyn? I had my first baby 2015 by c section (breech) and although v healthy preg and birth I had v bad scar tissue and a lot of discomfort until getting pregnant in Feb this year. (Ivf) looking for a good obgyn who could help assure a successful c sect next time (prob will have to have c sexton due to age, ivf etc). Only moved to London last yr so no idea where to go next (9 Wk's) - Nhs or private? What hospital? What consultant? Can anyone recommend a good consultant? Is it mad to pay big fees for private when last pregnancy was so good? Or given my concern fear about c section should I just go private?

LHReturns Fri 07-Apr-17 13:17:44

OP if you decide to go private than I cannot recommend Professor Teoh at the Lindo Wing any more. He is a King of the C Section in my view, and he will be delivering my second son by section in mid-May. He did my first and there is no one else I would have wanted to return to. (I am 41 and this too is an IVF baby).

Move fast - he gets booked up ridiculously early on.

I am sure there will be others on to recommend others who are just as good - I simply recommend Teoh for his C section expertise.

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