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Is it possible?!

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Ionamcnab94 Thu 06-Apr-17 22:49:33

Looking for some advice. I've had the mirena coil fitted for 3 years with no problems at all, until yesterday where I had some light spotting and same today. I've been expecting my period since the 1st and it's not arrived as of yet, I have been experiencing stomach cramps/ twinges with lower back pain, I put this down to period being due, but I've noticed I've been going to pee more often, I haven't had sex since the 26th of March is it possible I could be pregnant? confused

Fairy45 Fri 07-Apr-17 04:45:01

Could be! It does happen, how many years should your coil last? I know towards the end when the hormone is running out you can get pregnant. Or it could just be a really light period. Put your mind at rest by doing a test. 😊

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