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Theme Parks whilst pregnant

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FruityLoopy88 Wed 05-Apr-17 23:28:21

Hello. Is it ok to go on theme park rides whilst pregnant? I'm three and a half months pregnant. I don't want to endanger my babies life, but I've got an annual merlin card so need to use it. Plus, it's one of my only real hobbies.

Wolfiefan Wed 05-Apr-17 23:29:48

Most of them say no pregnant women allowed. Depends on the ride.
Time to find a new hobby.

KittyConCarne Wed 05-Apr-17 23:53:21

Hi Op,
UK theme parks are really hot on pointing out the dangers of riding extreme rides whilst pregnant- there are multiple signs up stating that pregnant ladies should not participate.
Obviously, you can't go on rollercoasters/ teacups/ pirate ships etc, due to the strain/ G-force/ pressure that the safety bars and ride movement exert on your bump.
However, you can still enjoy calmer rides like carousels/ big wheels, plus the 4D cinemas/ live shows that a lot of theme park have on offer.

We've had merlin cards several times over the years which have sometimes clashed with my pregnancies. Merlin has a facility which allows you to 'freeze' the annual card until your baby is born/ a little past the newborn stage. Look on the merlin website for details of how to request this.

Also, some theme parks (Drayton Manor definetely) allow you massively reduced entry if you show your pregnancy notes- obviously as you won't be able to partake of all the attractions on offer.

On a plus side, once you've had your littl'un, you are entitled to a parent swap pass at most of the theme parks- this allows your partner to queue as normal/ ride/ then get the pass stamped on exit/ and you can enter the ride via the disabled or fast track exit to enjoy the ride without queueing at all.

We have teens as well as littlies, so normally 3 teens and DP ride together while I wait with littlies, and then when they exit, I re-enter with parent swap pass with a teen in tow (so 1 teen gets to ride twice in 5 mins!), so that I can enjoy the ride with someone rather than riding alone- I think strictly speaking it's only meant to be the parent who didn't get to ride the first time that's allowed back on, but riding by yourself seems rubbish, and staff haven't batted an eyelid in the 3 years we've been doing it our way. Perhaps if you don't have other kids, you can go with another couple?

Good luck, and enjoy your pregnancy smile

user1480264544 Thu 06-Apr-17 08:57:15

I went to Thorpe park when I was about 4/5 months pregnant (I didn't know at the time I found out at 26 weeks!) and I went on stealth and the bigger rides .. it was also fright night and I did all the mazes! Baby my daughter is perfectly fine.. but I wouldn't do it knowing I'm pregnant as ally of rides do say no to going maybe as above freeze it or go about stay away from rides until baby is born x

2ducks2ducklings Thu 06-Apr-17 14:12:01

I'm going to Disney Paris on Sunday and my most favourite ride in all of the world is Big Thunder Mountain, which is basically a runway mine train. I'll be 10 weeks when we get there and I have contemplated still going on as I really can't see there being a problem. However, I know I won't get on when I get there because I know I'd never forgive myself if something were to happen.
It's just an excuse to have to go again next year!
Also, I definitely read you can freeze Merlin passes during pregnancy

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