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How does an elective C-section happen?

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vfoster Wed 05-Apr-17 13:30:33

I'm due in July and had a failed induction and an emergency c section with my first. This time I've been told I can have a VBAC unless the baby is measuring large. Considering my first was 10lb10 I'm not expecting a small baby! So, I'm preparing myself for having a section...I know how it worked for an emergency one after 30 odd hours of 'labour' but how does it work if it's planned? Do you get a date and time and go straight down to he operating theatre? Do you have to not eat/drink before hand? Do you end up staying in for a few more days like with an emergency one?
Thanks for any info/experiences! 😃

ExplodedCloud Wed 05-Apr-17 13:34:22

Yes, no food/drink like most ops. Put on silly gown. Trot down to operating theatre. Have spinal block. Have baby smile
You do stay in 2 or 3 days because of the surgical wound.

ExplodedCloud Wed 05-Apr-17 13:34:56

Meant to say it's all very calm and a bit surreal!

Notcoldbutbaltic Wed 05-Apr-17 13:37:22

As exploded said. Unless you're like dd who decided then to come on her own and was born 3 hours before my cs was due grin

vfoster Wed 05-Apr-17 13:39:00

Thanks! It sounds it! I can't get my head round it in a way. I was so tired and full of drugs last time it was a completely surreal experience. Can't quite imagine going in and knowing it's going to happen!

Blueskyrain Wed 05-Apr-17 16:22:26

I'm having an elcs. I don't know my date yet, but I know I can't eat after about 10pm. The current plan is to go out for a nice dinner with my husband, try to get some sleep, come in at the allocated time and have the baby, whilst listening to music of my choice.

For electives where I live they can put you on an accelerated recovery programme where you only spend one night in hospital, though I'm terrible with pain so anticipating I stay in an extra night.

If you go into labour ahead of your scheduled time, you should still be given your section unless labour has progressed so rapidly they can't.

Blueskyrain Wed 05-Apr-17 16:23:54

Oh, and a lot of people say the recovery is much easier after an elective, because you haven't been knackered from labour and pain beforehand. I don't know how true that is, but I'm hoping it's true.

fruitpastille Wed 05-Apr-17 16:32:08

You get a date (39 weeks for me) and have to arrive early. No eating/drinking from midnight (i think you can have water). You may have to wait through the day if other people are more urgent than you so time goes slowly!. I've stayed in 2 nights i think (3 sections). First morning after going to shower etc was a bit tough but recovery dramatically improves each day.

Sunnyshores Wed 05-Apr-17 16:45:53

this was for a 2nd baby, if it makes a difference. I had an appointment a week before my due date. Had to be there for 9am, was supposed to go into theatre 10ish. but they had other emergiencies and I went down at 12.

I stayed 2 nights, very little pain and certainly not as knackered and stressed as with 1st baby and 48 hours of labour, plus the 10 days of being overdue and worries about getting to hospital, DH arranging time of work etc etc.

MelinaMercury Wed 05-Apr-17 16:58:09

I had an emergency cs first time and an elective second time around. I found the elective more nerve wracking because it was all eerily calm!

You'll be given a date to go in, usually anytime from 39 weeks, and you go in that morning but there's no guarantee when you'll go to theatre as emergencies etc take priority.

The anaesthetist should come up to speak with you with your midwife to do final checks of blood pressure then at some point you'll wander down to theatre. We don't get epidural here just spinal but i'm assuming that they're both similar in that they're both given whilst you sit on the bed then they'll fetch the baby for you, Stitch you up and have you off to recovery before heading back to your room.

From start to finish it's around 60 minutes.

I found it really weird to be chatting through it and just generally being chilled out but it was fine. There's no fast tracking here so i was in for 3 nights afterwards, 1 night in private and 2 on the ward.

I found the recovery worse than the first time and felt like it took much longer to get back to normal but it was nothing a few painkillers didn't solve smile

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 05-Apr-17 17:12:57

I've got very recent experience! (had an ELCS ths morningi grin ).

You get a date and told when to come in. You have to have bloods taken a couple of days beforehand, then no food from 10pm the night before and some pre-meds to take.

On the day maybe a bit of waiting around until you are first in the queue, then you are prepped (hospital gown etc) and walk into theatre. You have a cannula put in for ABs, fluids etc then the spinal. Before you know where you are the baby is out! Very calm and organised, slightly surreal!

allegretto Wed 05-Apr-17 17:16:22

Congratulations Bubbins! I am abroad so probably different but I had to go in the night before, nothing to eat in the morning - just an enema given! I was first on the list and went into theatre at 8.30am. Was up and walking (hobbling!) by mid-afternoon. I was meant to stay in for three nights but got pushed out after two as they needed the beds!

sailorcherries Wed 05-Apr-17 17:17:33

I've got a growth scan at 34 weeks and then I'm arranging my elective (partly due to failed labour with DS and partyle due to large babies - measured 3.5 weeks ahead at 30 weeks and estimated 4lbs already).

In my booklet it states that you can't eat from some point the night before but can drink clear liquids including black tea and water. You'll turn up at x time and get ready for theatre (gown, surgical stockings etc). You then go down and get the spinal block, after which your partner can join you. Once the baby is born you can request delayed clamping/skin to skin etc. Then wheeled to recovery and blood pressure monitored before being transferred to the ward. Midwives and partner should help with the baby until you can walk, showering and movement encouraged and then home two days later.
It also says that your time can be pushed back depending on how many emergencies come down during the day/night and you might possibly be rescheduled to the next day (rare).

JigglyTuff Wed 05-Apr-17 17:24:14

Be prepared for a long, boring (and hungry) wait if you're at a busy hospital. I was booked in for 8am and DS was born about 6pm. I was starving and had missed dinner by the time I was wheeled back to the ward so take snacks with you in case that happens!

MelinaMercury Wed 05-Apr-17 17:27:21

Congratulations Bubbins grin

LapinR0se Wed 05-Apr-17 17:32:57

My ELCS was at 8am
I had dinner the night before then nil by mouth
Took a tablet at midnight to control nausea

6.30am arrive at hospital and check in to room
Get changed into gown
Pee 300 times due to nerves
Obstetrician arrives to say hello
Anaesthetist introduces himself
7.45 wheeled to a prep room
8.00 wheeled to theatre
Spinal block administered
Shaking like a leaf top to toe but apparently this is a fairly common reaction to the spinal
C-section over in a flash
Baby shown over curtain at 8.55
Baby weighed measured, apgared etc while I'm sewn up
9.30 wheeled into recovery
1pm lunch in room
Stayed in Friday to Monday

Quartz2208 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:38:34

First of you pick a date in the diary (mine only did electives on a Thursday and Tuesday) and you have a pre op appointment (like any elective surgery).

On the day mine wanted all the elective c sections (there were two booked) in at 8. Went to the recovery area and did a pre op check (baby position etc). Then went off by myself for the spinal and cannula in at around 9am. OH came in and then DD was born 10:07// Quick look at her before OH took her off to get in a nappy and vest. Sewn up and back into recpvery for around 10:45 where I took DD. Moved up to the ward around 2pm and stayed 3 nights

arbrighton Wed 05-Apr-17 18:38:38

SIL had to wait all day on the date booked in as emergencies came up and went to the front of the queue....

mouldycheesefan Wed 05-Apr-17 18:40:15

I was booked for an elective but babies came early so ended up being emergency.
Yes you can get bumped if emergencies come in.

NerrSnerr Wed 05-Apr-17 18:42:02

Both of my children decided arrive before my planned section date so they became classed as an emergency. They were still both very chilled out and ok. The second one I was kept in for a couple of days before while i was in early labour before they slotted me in.

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 05-Apr-17 18:46:25

You won't definitely have to stay two nights. I only stayed for one after both my emcs and my elcs. The elcs was great. Recovery very straight forward. All very calm and civilised. grin

ShinyTamatoa Wed 05-Apr-17 18:48:05

I only stayed in for 24 hours for my elective c section (48 for my first one which was a crash section under GA). Up and about the same evening.

Recovery much easier with the elective one.

hopeful31yrs Wed 05-Apr-17 18:59:40

Our hospital did enhanced recovery. Was given a date, came in at 8 am starved from midnight. Was allowed to carry on drinking isotonic drinks. Was called to theatre around 2:45pm, left my things in recovery. 3:15 taken into theatre, spinal then DS born at 3:50pm. In recovery by 4:30pm. Bed available on ward at 1am so moved then. Walked as my spinal had worn off around 1:30am. Catheter out at 4am and given water to drink in order to rehydrate and to make me pass water. Held off til 8am to go to loo but was able to empty bladder and walk comfortably and felt ok. Got dressed myself and had baby check at 10am and ok from anaesthetic staff and discharged.

Only stayed in til 1pm as DH couldn't find a parking space so I walked the whole of the hospital site to get to where he'd parked.

For context - second baby, first c section. First vaginal birth was awful, 3 day stay after forceps.

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 05-Apr-17 20:22:59

Yes I must say I feel sooo much better than I did after a long labour and forceps delivery. We'll see how recovery goes but to be honest the at the moment I feel better than I did before the section (pelvic pain and bump ache!)

InsaneMummyOfThree Wed 05-Apr-17 21:28:18

Just as a side note and something you may be interested in. When I had my last c section (3 in total and due a 4th next week) the anesthesist asked if I wanted to watch baby coming out. I said yes so once they had done all the cutting and what not they lowered the screen and we got to watch as they retrieved the head from my pelvis (using one side of a forcep, scooping like a spoon) and saw babies head pop out my belly, then they lifted him out. It was so amazing and I'm so glad I got to watch. I'm going to be asking if it's possible this time around too. Xx

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