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6th c-section. Anyone else had so many

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angelinheaven Wed 05-Apr-17 10:21:34

Hi all, I'm due with my 6th dc and it will be delivered by c-section, I've already had 5 which all went well with no prblems. Anyone else who has had quite a few sections that can tell me there stories, and if youve had 6 even better, hospital also talking to me about being steralised at the same time!!!!! Just really hoping that this time round it will all go well and recovery will be just as quick as previously x

user1491409788 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:34:52

Hi I've just had my 6th c-section just 5 days ago. Everything went fine. I also didn't have any problems with my previous sections.
There was a lot of scarring this time which was expected. I also got sterilised this time.

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