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Breech baby at 35+4

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littleshoutymouse Wed 05-Apr-17 00:14:29

So DD2 is breech at 35+4 weeks. I think I've done what I can to help her turn (lots of time on my hands and knees!) but no such luck. Seeing midwife in a few days to confirm and discuss options but I can feel she hasn't budged.

I was really hoping for VBAC after pre-eclampsia + induction/EMCS with DD1 but it's looking less likely.
I would love the chance at a VBAC but the ECV sounds... risky, and I don't want to try for a natural breech birth.

Am looking for experiences of babies turning themselves at this point, and any ECV stories good and bad!

Thank you smile

calimommy Wed 05-Apr-17 03:35:46

There's still time yet

Joinourclub Wed 05-Apr-17 03:49:58

I had an ecv and didn't even feel it! DC was small though and clearly had plenty of room to turn!

af2000 Wed 05-Apr-17 04:07:20

My vbac baby turned one morning when I was lying in bed! I thought she was about to burst out like alien. I must have been quite far along by that point for it to feel the way it did. So there's still time..

Also, technically your baby isn't breech until it is literally coming out that way. Right now it's just in a normal position, as babies can move right up until birth. I think it's something like only 2% of babies that actually stay in that position so the odds are still stacked in your favour wink

Have you looked at the Spinning Babies website? Lots of good positions on there.

hexagon01 Wed 05-Apr-17 07:43:47

No experience, but I'm 35+2 and my baby (first) is breech, after being head down previously at every check... got a scan on Monday to double check. I don't know how different it is for vbac but my midwife assured me that they do breech deliveries at home births where I am and seemed very relaxed about it - it's still stressing my out a bit though.

Good luck!

littleshoutymouse Wed 05-Apr-17 08:06:03

Thanks all, that's reassuring. My midwife suggested it was unlikely she'd turn beyond 36 weeks, and told me if the scan confirms it that a c-section would be needed (EVC not actually mentioned) her words were "it sounds as if baby is telling you that's how she wants to be born!" Which annoyed me a little.

Apparently my brother turned at 39 and my mum didn't even notice so who knows.

I'm probably just working myself up blush! Starting to feel anxious now as I was quite ill at this point with DD1 and I'm still amazed at how well I am! have spent the entire pregnancy expecting trouble so in my mind this is it. I need to chill!!!

Thanks all smile

butterfly86 Wed 05-Apr-17 08:13:54

Dd was breech at that stage but had been since 28 weeks and she didn't turn so I had a c section but lots of babies turn up until the last minute even in labour. In my experience thought if they haven't turned by 36 weeks they like to scan and make a decision about ecv/section. Hope baby turns for you.

hopsalong Wed 05-Apr-17 16:26:33

My baby was breech at 35 weeks this week too, having always been head down before. Haven't yet had another appointment / scan and was a bit dispirited when sonographer said unlikely to move at this stage. But I'm pretty sure he is still flipping between both positions, and was definitely back to head down a few hours after the appointment. It seems a bit weird to me too but I think they have more space than we'd imagine for another couple of weeks. (My baby also quite large -- over 7lbs estimated already.) So here's hoping!

hopsalong Wed 05-Apr-17 16:28:13

PS I have also had a previous c-section and my hospital won't offer the ECV if you've had one (I phoned up to ask), which at least removes the decision for me if still head down. If your hospital does offer it I would be very cautious -- sounds as if it is quite risky anyway and more so with a scarred uterus.

Apparently previous c-sections can make them more likely to be breech. angry

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