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Any mums cut their own umbilical cord?

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Imjustsaying Tue 04-Apr-17 23:49:42

35 weeks, making my birth plan and mentioned to the midwife today that id like to cut the cord after delivery. She said she had never heard of it in her whole 20 year Career. I understand that it may not be possible depending on what mental and physical state im in after delivery but surely its cant be unheard of?

Casmama Tue 04-Apr-17 23:52:23

I would suggest if you are in a fit state to cut the umbilical cord then you will actually be holding your baby and are unlikely to give a monkeys who cuts it.

FurryElephant Tue 04-Apr-17 23:55:36

The midwife tried to hand me the scissors to cut my DD's! I think I looked at her like wtf are you trying to get me to do and then got my mum to do it grin

doleritedinosaur Tue 04-Apr-17 23:56:50

I did, a month ago yesterday, was a home birth too.

Was a few minutes after skin to skin & I definitely knew I was doing.

calimommy Wed 05-Apr-17 03:40:19

I've not done it but I can't see why you couldn't if your feeling well. I can't remember what happened with DS1 (I was hiding him) but with DS2 I had a fast labour and was still contracting hard after he was delivered so I couldn't even really concentrate on him. I had to ask DH to take him and I didn't feel well again until after the placenta was delivered.

calimommy Wed 05-Apr-17 03:42:06

*holding him, not hiding him 😜

soundsystem Wed 05-Apr-17 04:00:44

I didn't but was asked both times if I wanted to. Not sure why you wouldn't be able to if you have a straightforward birth...

Out2pasture Wed 05-Apr-17 05:14:46

I was totally surprised when after the delivery of my grandson's head (by the physician) the dr. then positioned my daughter for her to deliver the rest of the baby on her own smile and bring the baby right onto her chest for skin to skin time.
the scissors were then handed to my daughters partner for him to cut the cord.
having family or the new mom cut the cord has been pretty common practice for 30+ years.

Slippersandacuppa Wed 05-Apr-17 06:51:49

I did - I was totally with it. They handed DH the scissors but he didn't want to do it so they asked me. I had DD on my chest while I did it. That was also a home birth.

I've had four babies - my mum cut one cord and he finally did the fourth!

Imjustsaying Wed 05-Apr-17 08:40:19

Thats for your replies ladies, I was shocked when she said she hadnt heard of it. Its definately going in my birth plan

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