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Struggling with painful fibroid in pregnancy

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lilyborderterrier Tue 04-Apr-17 10:50:22

I'm fed up and in painI'm 19 weeks pregnant and it was discovered on my 13 scan that I have a large 15cm by 15cm fibroid in there with the baby. I briefly saw a consultant 3 days later and he informed me that I'll be consultant led, have extra scans and need an MRI scan ( had it last friday, it was horrible) he told me briefly about maybe needing a caesarean and prescribed me codeine. But didn't really explain much more.
These last few weeks I've been in real pain and reluctantly been taking the prescribed codeine and using a hot water bottle. Yesterday I felt awful and hadn't really done much to wear myself out. So basically I'm feeling rubbish, fed up and not enjoying this much wanted 2nd pregnancy 
I am Hoping that now I've had my MRI and after Monday my 20 week scan the consultant will get in touch again.

Has anyone got any advice, sympathy? Or similar stories to tell me about. Thank you x

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