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Awake most the night!

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Laura2507 Tue 04-Apr-17 04:19:28

It's 4.15am. I've been awake since about 12.30am. I know being on electronic device is not going to help but I need to vent.

I'm hungry, uncomfortable, nauseous and bloody knackered. Got some work issues that is playing on my mind but tried listening to podcasts, had a couple of biscuits and glass of milk to help hunger. I've got less than 2hrs before I need to get up for work.

Help! Please tell me it's not just me that struggles with sleep during pregnancy. I'm usually a very good sleeper.

Currently 21 weeks.

StrawberryJelly00 Tue 04-Apr-17 04:23:37

Hi. smile not just you! I'm 34 weeks and sleeping at night is NOT happening. It's so annoying because I am so tired!
I usually drift off as the birds start to sing at 6am grrrrr... luckily I'm already on mat leave though

adlertippa Tue 04-Apr-17 04:30:20

It's not just you! Last night I was awake 2-6 feeling increasingly miserable, finally got back to sleep then my alarm went off at 7! Felt horrible all day. Tonight I did better until a bloody burglar alarm woke me up half an hour ago!

It's been like this since I was about a month pregnant so I'm cumulatively pretty exhausted. I always end up on my phone - I lie there for about an hour just trying to go back to sleep but eventually just get bored. I'm looking forward to the baby turning up because at least there'll be a reason for not sleeping...

Hope you can get back off tonight, I feel your pain x

Laura2507 Tue 04-Apr-17 04:48:24

I've just started hearing the birds!

Had a bowl of cereal and just going to read now. Not looking forward to work today in the slightest, it's going to be a killer 😫

babynelly2010 Tue 04-Apr-17 05:14:17

Almost 40 weeks. Sleep throughout pregnancy was fine but in the last 2 weeks especially this week is terrible. Woke up at 2:30 am, had some fruit, milk, wrote an essay for work and now here in bed checking mums net... may be this is a sign baby will be here soon for me....

user1480264544 Tue 04-Apr-17 07:30:14

I've been the same, 23 weeks but mine is due to really vivid dreams! Nightmares that feel so so real! And if I'm lucky enough to fall back to sleep I'll end up in almost the same dream again! So this morning I was up with the birds didn't want to risk waking up in the middle of the walking dead again! Or walking in on my partner cheating on me as these seem to be my 2 favourites at the moment!! Lol.. Lucky(ish) for me I have to be up around 5:30 ish for work but still it's horrible!! Had this with my first pregnancy but much later on and no bad dreams! It's horrible! X

Laura2507 Tue 04-Apr-17 19:07:45

Oh no user, vivid dreams is one thing but vivid bad dreams are awful! I wonder why that is!

Laura2507 Tue 04-Apr-17 19:08:28

Babynelly, hopefully not much longer for you then. But it will then be no sleep for much different (cuter!) reasons!

Laura2507 Tue 04-Apr-17 19:10:13

Well I dozed off eventually at 5.30 then woke up again 20 mins later. Then was on/off until 7.45 when I had just half an hour to get ready. Today has been hard at work.

I did have a bit of a chocolate binge last night and wondering if it was too much caffeine for me, I'm quite intolerant of caffeine.

Anyway what's the earliest I can go to bed tonight?

throughgrittedteeth Tue 04-Apr-17 19:20:43

Oh god I'm with you all! It's driving me mad! I'm 36 weeks and I'm waking 3 times a night for a wee - if the last one is at around 4am or after then that's it I've no hope of getting anymore sleep. The sleep I am getting is broken and I'm having really vivid dreams too 🙄
Oh and what's really helpful is people saying "oh your body is just preparing you for the baby" piss off! I've had a baby, I know exactly what it's like thanks! Should probably just have a nap though and not get cross...

anotherBadAvatar Tue 04-Apr-17 19:49:32

Fucking hate it too. I'm 34 weeks with DD2 and even bigger than I was at term with DD1. Fucking everything is an effort. Walking, rolling over in bed, everything.

Couldn't get to sleep till gone 11pm last night (having gone to bed at 9) with restless legs and general uncomfiness. Then woke at 4am and decided little point trying to sleep as I get up at 530am. Thank fuck this is my last week at work.

Most nights I'm up from 2/3am till 5/6am. I could probably get back to sleep if I had nothing to do, but DD is up at 630am anyway.

throughgrittedteeth Tue 04-Apr-17 20:46:47

another don't even get me started on the effort and energy involved with moving anywhere! I'm such a whale 😂
Also leg cramps in the night when I finally have fallen asleep!

throughgrittedteeth Tue 04-Apr-17 20:54:47

Sorry op I've ranted but ignored your last post! I reckon you could get away with an 8pm bedtime without feeling like you've missed out on some evening time. Hopefully you've done this already and are in the land of nod smile

Laura2507 Wed 05-Apr-17 10:35:55

Well I went to bed 8.30 then woke 10.30 and about every two hours throughout the night. I've got a full on cold now which doesn't help. I'm shattered! Decided to take day off work. I would normally push through it but I get no thanks for it and now I'm pregnant I'm going to make sure I put myself first.

Why is pregnancy so rubbish!!! Hope you all had better nights xx

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