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What am i going to do??

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Nipplesunited Mon 03-Apr-17 22:24:39

Ive just recently ended it with a FWB. I was developing feelings for him. Now im wondering if it was hormones or something!

We...or should i say I had a scare. An accident happened. I had an appointment with the nurse in a couple of days so thought i was ok for morning after pill. I was, but with me going later they said there was a higher chance of it not working.
I am due to do a follow up test on saturday.

Shortly after the morning after pill i was feeling strange (psychological, possibly).
Metallic taste in mouth, extreme tiredness, mood swings.
After doing numerous panic tests all coming back negative - even though they would considering its not time to test yet. I was able to calm down from the panic and plod along patiently.
Until today!
3 days ago my breasts were sore and tender. I had a little panic but thought its probably nothing.
The following day i was struck down with a migraine for 2 days. I thought nothing of that.
Today i had cramping. Thought nothing of ot until i noticed i was spotting.
Now i am all bunged up as though i have a heavy cold which just started all of a sudden today.

I am freaking out

haveacupoftea Mon 03-Apr-17 23:29:24

You need to calm down. When is your period due?

Nipplesunited Mon 03-Apr-17 23:35:24

Im calming down now i typed it all up. Thankfully lol.
I dont really have periods. They have always been hit or miss and ive conceived really quickly in previous pregnancies.

Im going to test in the morning. I still have some of the little test strips left so will test again in a few days. The doctor said i should wait until saturdah for a test but that is hard

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