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Pregnancy and sore gums

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rollingonwheels Mon 03-Apr-17 19:36:09

I've never had bad teeth or gums in all my life (I'm 30) apart from a brace as a teenager and impacted wisdom teeth. I don't have any fillings.
Since my first pregnancy I've started to experience tooth ache and sensitivity.. I haven't had any filings needed.
It's my fifth pregnancy now (I have 2 children and 2 miscarriages), I'm 17 weeks and my gums are so so sore at the moment.
Any tips or advice, any recommended mouth washes? Toothpastes?

babynelly2010 Mon 03-Apr-17 23:28:30

I would advise dentist visit. You may need a clean.
My dentist told me that bleeding sore gums being normal during pregnancy is a myth. The truth is due to change of hormones some bacteria finds it easy to multiply thus a more frequent visit with hygienists may be required.

m33r Tue 04-Apr-17 07:06:40

My gums have also been very painful the last week but I have a mouth full of fillings and a crown. I have the dentist on Friday. Will let you know what he says. It is very painful too; not just a little ache

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