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23 weeks, just don't look pregnant at all!

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willothewisp17 Mon 03-Apr-17 17:08:26

I'm 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I really feel like I don't have a bump at all, the only people who notice it are people who really know me!

it makes things a bit difficult sometimes, for example, I attend college and am doing a course that requires getting changed from my outdoor clothes into a uniform in the changing rooms provided. there is only one small bench in the changing room, big enough for two people to use, and if it's not in use I sit down to change into my trousers and shoes, as I do find it difficult to reach down even with my non existent bump 😂 but I don't really mind if people are using it to get changed and I make do standing up, but what annoys me is sometimes at the end of the day when I'm knackered after standing all day I go into the changing room and there can be girls occasionally just sitting there with all their belongings (jacket, bag) taking up the full bench while sitting on their phones! not getting changed or anything! so then I can't sit down and am not the type to ask and of course you can't tell I'm pregnant! I don't want to be the person that says 'can you move, I'm pregnant' and it's also a bit weird getting changed with someone sitting in silence glancing up at from their phone looking at you occasionally 😂 I thought changing rooms were for changing not lounging 🤔🙈


arbrighton Mon 03-Apr-17 17:21:24

Just ask them to move if you need to.

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