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Freaking out!

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Eveni Mon 03-Apr-17 17:08:26

Ok so I took a pg test today ( well infact 2) and bfp on both which has me totally freaking out.
I'm new so some background info
I'm 33 and mother of 2 currently going through divorce proceedings. I'm with my boyfriend for the past 2 years and we have never discussed having children. We don't live together but he does stay 1-2 nights a week and my 2 kids love him.
I was taking the pill but recently my house was broken into and my mental state was all over the place so I must of totally messed it up as now I'm pregnant!
He's an amazing guy and I love him to bits but I'm really freaking out about telling him. I'm just finishing a course and have applied for college in September which may also have to go on hold. But other than this maybe not going well with bf I'm not sure how it will effect my divorce proceedings and how my kids will take it. I really don't want to feel like I'm forcing bf into anything e.g. If he eventually wanted us to move in with him after divorce now may feel like he needs to ask etc. I know he is probably waiting for my divorce to be final before things like that ( he hinted at New Years ) but I don't know how he will react now with news and don't want him to feel pressured. Also there is then complications with my house as mortgage and half owned by ex ( part of agreement would be that I can stay in it to kids (his 2 ) finish college.
Sorry for rant but so many thoughts going through my head right now

confusedat23 Mon 03-Apr-17 19:37:07

Well tbh you just need to tell him but i would tell him all your worries at the same time... don't hold anything in and then expect him to need to take some time to think it all over

If you have been with him 2 years yoy must have split with Exh quite a while ago!

Also just so you know a judge wont grant a court order for your ex to see the house whilst the kids are there with you!

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