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Gestational diabetes :(

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RebeccaNoodles Mon 03-Apr-17 16:46:00

Does anyone have this or experience of it? I'm a bit worried sad

I was scanned last week at 29 weeks - baby fine but is a tad on the big side and her abdomen is on the 80th percentile, so the doctor sent me for the gestational diabetes test (GTT). I had it on Friday and waiting for results. But I think I probably have it - I feel really weak and shaky if I eat anything at all sugary, and feel dreadful if I go for more than 2/3 hours without food ...I've been eating low GI since then but I still don't feel great.

I don't care about giving up sweets - just feeling worried about the baby and also guilty that I did something wrong! I don't have any of the obvious risk factors eg BMI so not sure what's caused it. I was mainlining cake though as knackered generally, so that won't have helped.

Would love to know if anyone's in a similar situation! Thanks ...

Redyellowpinkblue Mon 03-Apr-17 16:48:22

I know exactly how you feel!
I had it with dd1 3 years ago and I have it again this time. I feel so guilty!
I'm happy to answer any questions if you've got them?

RebeccaNoodles Mon 03-Apr-17 16:57:12

Thanks Red - sorry you've had this twice. I really hope your baby was OK first time? that's what's mainly concerning me, I know it's controllable but there are obviously complications.

Are you on metformin or insulin? How were you managing before you took them if so? I am going on hols on Friday so bit worried that there's won't be time (if I do fail the test) to get all the finger-pricking kit etc together. And I feel really rough!

I don't think you should feel guilty though - the midwife told me there's nothing I could have done to prevent it - though I feel the same so I understand!

RebeccaNoodles Mon 03-Apr-17 17:12:14

Oh dear. Now I feel a complete idiot - the hospital just rang me and said my GTT results were normal (4.2 fasting and then 8 and 6.3). V relieved though but confused.
I definitely do feel shaky and prone to blood sugar crashes though - eg I woke up in the night starving, could barely stand up while making a snack! So I'm going to avoid sugar for a while and stick to low GI stuff and see if that helps. I am baffled though, as I really have been feeling so rough, but midwife said to keep an eye and go to GP if it continues.
Thanks for the reply anyway Red ... !! I hope everything works out for you with your second baby.

Redyellowpinkblue Mon 03-Apr-17 17:15:22

I failed the gtt first time and tried managing it with diet alone and it failed it me, so we went straight for insulin. The finger pricking is pretty tedious but necessary, and it's interesting to see what spikes levels and what doesn't. I had lots of clinic appointments, lots of scans, everyone thought she was going to be between 7 and 8 lbs but she was a dinky 6lb 4oz! I was induced at 38 weeks, was dreading it but it was actually a very positive experience.

Second time around, I cut out white refined carbs and sugars at 8 weeks anyway and passed my gtt test at 10 weeks but I just knew I had gd again - same as you shaky and weak and feeling weird! So yes failed to again, my midwife told me I'd failed and by that afternoon I was booked in at hospital with the diabetes midwife picking up a new testing kit. This time we've gone for metformin and on the whole it's managing it but we are reviewing it weekly as I am 31 weeks and everything can change rapidly. Baby is all OK according to the scans and she's wiggling away so fingers crossed she is ok. She's being scanned again next week. Induction will be at 37/38 weeks again but I'm not nervous about it, it's reassuring to have so many eyes on her and me!

Typical day for me:
Wake up and test fasting blood sugar
Breakfast - take metformin tablet, and i typically eat granary toast with avocado or full fat greek yoghurt with banana and nuts or eggs in some way with slice of brown toast (can't tolerate cereal or any kind)
Test bloods 1 hour after eating
Snack - cubes of cheese/nuts
Lunch - take metformin again - hummous and wholemeal pitta with veg crudites/tuna sandwich on brown bread/chicken salad
Test bloods 1 hour after eating
Dinner - take metformin again - chilli without rice (I have avocado and sour cream with it) or cauliflower rice and fish/chicken or some other carb light dinner!
I've found I can eat a bit of Hartleys sugar free jelly with Frank's Diabetic Ice cream and it doesn't spike my levels at all!
Take bloods again 1 hour after eating

I only drink fizzy water with lemon/lime wedges/tea. No fruit juice or anything.
I only have full fat dairy. I can eat Royal Gala apples without spiking. I can also eat dark chocolate and mint wafers from Aldi as a treat!

Redyellowpinkblue Mon 03-Apr-17 17:16:09

Just read your update! That's great news!!!!!! grin

RebeccaNoodles Mon 03-Apr-17 19:32:16

Thanks so much Red smile feel like a prize twat with my false alarm but it was really interesting to read this. Your eating plan sounds really health and delicious actually! I think eating a bit more like this would make me feel better even if I don't have GD - I really do feel weird and shaky a lot so some tweaks in this direction might help me even my blood sugar out.

Really glad that you're being so well looked after and it looks like this baby is going to be just as healthy as your last one! smile I'm sure she's reaping all the benefits of your healthy diet. Fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly - thanks again and good luck! x

Redyellowpinkblue Mon 03-Apr-17 19:39:30

Thank you! Best of luck with your pregnancy and yes give the healthy eating a go and also get your midwife to check your iron levels. My dropped considerably about 28 weeks and I felt absolutely awful - shaky and weird. Ended up with an iron infusion which is a bit extreme but then I have a weird medical history smile but I feel stronger and way less shaky now so might be worth exploring.
Would recommend the Michael Mosely blood sugar diet recipe book for low carb inspiration, and honestly cutting out sugar has been fab (apart from the odd bit of ice cream!).
Good luck!

sweetchilli77 Mon 03-Apr-17 21:48:49

this page has been invaluable to me during my diagnosis. Lots of good tips and advice. Its a private group so no one can see your posts other than group members

Gestational Diabetes UK on facebook

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