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What do I actually need?

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MamaTT Mon 03-Apr-17 11:45:27

I'm 25weeks pg with DC3. DC1&2 are 6 and 7 now so it feels like a lifetime ago that I had a baby and I'm starting from scratch. I have so far bought:
a travel system and car seat base
Changing bag
14 vests in newborn or up to 1 month size
10 baby grows in newborn or up to 1 month size
5 vests 0-3months
3 baby grows 0-3 months
Bibs (copious amounts - I'll never forget the endless puking)
Muslin towel thingys (about 5 or 6)

I'm planning on breast feeding but should I get bottles, steriliser, breast pump etc?
Should I get a Moses basket or crib? I co-slept with both DC but am planning on avoiding that this time if possible because DS often comes in during the night and I have visions of him squishing the poor baby.
We walk the school run most days so I'm thinking a sling might be practical? Again - I have no idea where to start as I never used one with DCs.
Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated! Budget really isn't much of an issue but at the same time, I don't want to waste money on things I really won't need.

blue2014 Mon 03-Apr-17 12:19:31

Crib rather than Moses basket, they grow out of Moses baskets really fast.

Slings have good resale value, I have a kari-me and wish I'd had it from birth (got it at 12 weeks) practice using it first though

I bought bottles etc but haven't really needed them so far.

onemumtwocountries Mon 03-Apr-17 12:23:45

Hi Mama!

I had planned on breastfeeding and didn't buy any gear for bottle feeding. Maybe buy one bottle and a few premixed bottles of formula for peace of mind? After my milk came in I desperately needed to express to relieve the pressure, I bought a breast pump on Amazon Prime and it came the day after, complete with one bottle + teat. Unless you live really rurally someone should be able to do a quick shop run for you in an emergency!

I wouldn't bother with a Moses basket - we used the pram carrycot for the first few weeks/months. It does the same job and it means you can leave the house without having to transfer the baby. I used a Moby wrap until around 4 months, then moved on to an Ergo carrier. Couldn't have lived without a wrap when at home - baby wouldn't be put down but would happily sleep in the wrap for hours while I cooked etc. LOVE the Ergo, but you should try before you buy.

Don't bother buying a million sleeping bags/swaddles until you know your baby likes them. We bought/got given loads and DS only ever used blankets.

See if you can borrow a Sleepyhead from someone to test before you buy - they're very expensive. Most people swear by them but again my DS was never fussed - luckily we had just borrowed a friend's for a few weeks.

One thing I found invaluable (and still do at 7 months old) is a baby bath with support. I think I'm going against the grain here as most people seem to think they're just a bit of a gadget but DS loves baths and he's been able to lie happily in the bath unsupported since he was 2 weeks old. I sit on the toilet lid and watch him obviously, but it means I don't have to support him for the whole time - he enjoys a splashabout and can have a relatively long bath in peace. I had a Tippitoes Mini from Amazon and we have just upgraded to a Mamas and Papas Acqua Bambino as he outgrew the first one.

That's about it for me :-)

Good luck!

Heirhelp Mon 03-Apr-17 12:25:51

For slings something like a close Caboo are great for a first sling and you can hire then for about £10 a month ir they often come up on the second hand market.

Heirhelp Mon 03-Apr-17 12:27:36

How big does your midwife think you baby will be? My daughter was in size 0 to 3 by 11 days which was when we came out of hospital. She also had reflux so three baby grows would only have lasted us half a day.

MamaTT Mon 03-Apr-17 12:39:20

This is all so helpful! Thank you! Well I'm having extra growth scans from next week as DS was only 5lb at full term (no reason found but my late husband was a small baby too) but DD was 8lb8. DP and I were both big babies (him 10lb, me 11lb) so I'm aware I could be birthing a monster. My sister is due with her DD 3 weeks after me so nothing will be wasted, if baby is too big for her newborn stuff, I'll pass it on to my sister.
I've just been looking at cribs online. Thinking maybe one of the next to me ones? Has anyone used these before? I loved co sleeping with DC1&2 so I'm hoping those cribs might be a happy medium?

MamaTT Mon 03-Apr-17 12:41:33

Heirhelp - I'll grab a couple of packs of 0-3 baby grows and vests from Tesco later. At least they'll definitely be used at some point!

On a different note - I remember I had a medela swing breast pump before which I had absolutely no problems with. It was a lifesaver. Are these still recommended or should I be looking at something else?

onemumtwocountries Mon 03-Apr-17 12:45:00

I had the Next to Me and found it useful. DS was big and outgrew it quite quickly though! Also it made it hard for me to get in and out of bed when I was still sore for the first few weeks. It would help keeping baby safe from your older DS though :-) I think they make a new model now with a rocking feature, although I can't find it online!

onemumtwocountries Mon 03-Apr-17 12:46:03

The Medela is still a best seller I think. I have a Lansinoh and still use it, I find it excellent for me.

HopeAndJoy16 Mon 03-Apr-17 13:48:34

I've not had my baby yet (37+ atm) but I bought a next to me second hand from a fb group and washed it and bought a new mattress, and it was still half the price of a new one. It does seem quite long so hoping it lasts a good few months but even if it doesn't I won't feel like I've wasted my money and I'll just sell it on!
Also many places have a sling library where you can try various slings and hire them, they're definitely worth checking out! Again I picked up a second hand sling off a fb group but will definitely be heading to the library when baby is here ☺ xx

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