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First time pregnancy and on a cocktail of anxiety meds, please help!!

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Anxietyalice Sun 02-Apr-17 19:42:48

Hi all, I found out I am pregnant today (after about five day of suspecting) using a clear blue digital that said 2-3weeks. I am over the moon about this as I have wanted to be a mum for what feels like a long time.
I have been living with ptsd and quite severe panic disorder for about 5 years and I am on 30mg of mirtazipine, 300mg pregabalin and 80mg bedranol (propanalol) and also 2mg diazepam when required. This amount of medication has just about kept my anxiety in check and I have started to try and lead a normal life again, even though this is often a challenge. I am hoping to make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss withdrawing from some of these meds however last time I tried I was unwell and I am afraid now but I am terrified of having a miscarriage and it being my fault for using this amount of medication. I was hoping to hear from mums who have had healthy pregnancies who have been on any of these drugs (or any mental health medication) or who have panic disorder or ptsd.
Thank you so much for you response

KatyN Sun 02-Apr-17 20:50:48

Totally by chance that I stopped by this forum as my youngest is now 15months and I am not pregnant!
I took 40ml of citraloplam then 30mg of mirtazepine then propananol and Diazepam as needed while I was pregnant.
Baby was absolutely fine. She is developing perfectly. I had specialist care in labour due to panic attacks about being in hospital, your midwife will be able to suggest ways to make you comfortable. I was seen by a consultant at the hospital and a specialist mental health team who had expertise in mh and pregnancy.
Do pm me if you have any questions.., but for me I kept on my medication through both my pregnancies.
Congratulations!! Kx

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