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Bump feeling tight at abt 20 weeks?

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kikibo Sun 02-Apr-17 11:56:36

I'm puzzled about this and usually I don't worry too much about stuff, but this time I'd like to know what the problem is.

So, I was cutting up a huge cardboard box on Friday and my tummy started feeling tight. Felt rather uncomfortable, so I took a rest. Remained tight for the whole afternoon and evening.
Come Saturday morning, I start on that same box again, same thing. Remained the same for the entire afternoon and evening.
Sometimes it's just mainly in my upper belly, sometimes below and sometimes all over. confused

I don't think it can be Braxton Hicks as it doesn't come and go. And it doesn't feel like contractions really (though this is my first pregnancy, so I can't really know that for sure).

So is this just my stomach muscles or my ligaments stretching or what? I haven't had anything up till now, so maybe I've been lucky.

Any ideas?

harleysmammy Sun 02-Apr-17 12:03:31

It doesn't sound like braxton hicks but you never know, my belly goes tight often and has done since 20 weeks ish. When you lay down, is it normal bump shaped or can you see like a lump? I used to get a really tight belly and then a lump at one side and it was my boys bum (head if yours isn't head down yet). He still does this now at 36 weeks, so maybe it's just your baby moving position or sticking something out! If you're worried though phone your midwife or labour ward and they can put you on the monitor to see if it is tightenings, but I wouldn't worry x

kikibo Sun 02-Apr-17 12:37:09

Normally shaped bump.

Could be movement... I've been feeling what feels like a very blunt cracking whip sometimes in various places, so maybe it's my tummy coping with this activity. smile

I need to go to the gynaecologist on Monday 10 Apr, so I'll ask him then (I'm not in GB) and if things get really bad, I can always call the midwife.

Thanks for the reassurance. smile

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