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All in my head??

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Millypad Sun 02-Apr-17 08:45:27

Hi ladies,

I had an M/C in October and my periods only returned in early March, but DH and I decided to try straight away and pretty much went for it the week I would be ovulating if my periods were regular. Well it's now three days before AF is due. Last weds I had two days of really odd cramping and a little bit of spotting which then stopped. Since then my boobs seem to have blown up and are very sensitive and I've had that unique rounded bloat. I've tested a few times and it's been a BFN. Is it possible these are all in my head because I want it so much or should I just wait a bit longer?

SarahOoo Sun 02-Apr-17 09:31:22

Please just wait for your missed period first. Pre testing is unreliable and will make you go insane (TRUST ME!). Best of luck! If it doesn't happen this time around, you keep trying.... 😊

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