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Moody as hell!

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Lovetolaugh123 Sun 02-Apr-17 00:18:06

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with 1st baby & all's going smoothly so far, I've been very lucky with no bad pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness etc etc.
But I'm SO moody at the moment - only with DH, & for no reason at all other than because every little thing he does is just irritating the crap out of me! I'm constantly having a go at him & he just can't do anything right. I try to control it & be nice to him, but the slightest thing sets me off & before I know it I'm shouting at him!
He's mostly just been ignoring these outbursts as best he can, I'm guessing because I'm pregnant & to avoid an argument (which annoys me - he really can't win!) but he's just shouted back at me tonight after I started a row & I could tell he was really mad, like he's been dying to have a go back for weeks. & now I'm crying about it, even though I started it & was gunning for an argument in the first place!
I'm doing my own head in, & I know I'm being mean to him. I think I'm maybe feeling a bit stressed about the baby coming & it's manifesting itself in this way? But I don't want to spoil this precious, happy time for us both! We usually get on really, really well. Please tell me this is just normal pregnancy hormonal behaviour?!

DaisyS91 Sun 02-Apr-17 08:57:45

I hope things get better doe you soon OP. I've been an absolute grump these past six weeks or so! I'm a teacher and I'm sure my kiddies are pleased I'm on maternity now because I went from Miss Honey to Ms Trunchaball!
As for OH i was going to write about how bad I felt for being annoyed at him all the time but he's pissed me off this morning already!

Lovetolaugh123 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:08:54

Aww I feel for you Daisy, it's hard isn't it!
I'm going to try to be nice today & see if I can make it up to him!

CaptainWarbeck Sun 02-Apr-17 09:09:59

Ugh I'm the same. 28 weeks and all over the place emotionally. It's such a pain!

Happyandhungry Sun 02-Apr-17 16:21:52

Its normal just keep apologising after and explain its due to hormones. He'll soon start not worrying about it. My Dh was incredibly tolerant through all my rants. I had a go at him just the other day and cried and I'm 38 weeks. Then apologised later as i knew I was being ridiculous but he was really sweet about it especially as i haven't done that for quite a few weeks!

Lovetolaugh123 Sun 02-Apr-17 16:43:02

Good to hear it's normal & not just me! Even after having a word with myself I've still struggled today to be nice. The littlest things just set me off! I've not actually said/shouted anything yet, but my bitchy facial expressions & eye rolling must be saying it all because there's a definite tension between us & he's staying out of my way!

dippypanda Sun 02-Apr-17 18:49:54

This is me, and it's pretty much been since early pregnancy too. I have a very tolerant OH at the moment, who never holds a grudge but I certainly must push him to the limit. Can't explain why and I do apologise. It's only with him too, no one else confused it doesn't help I've not been well the past two weeks either so I've been feeling sorry for myself too!

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