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Lower right sharp tummy pain. 12 weeks

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SpwJd Sat 01-Apr-17 15:52:30

I'm hoping for some friendly words of experience /expertise.
I'm almost 12 weeks with my third baby. A few times over the last month I've had this sharp pain low in my aright side of my tummy when I say , get out the car or get up from my chair. Painful enough to stop me in my tracks.
Last night turning over in bed I did it again and it was really really painful.
This morning I yawned and stretched and yep did it again.
To this point is only been when I've stretched or something however this afternoon I've had it a ew times when I've just been sat down.
It's quite sore and niggles after the initial burst.
I've read about round ligament pain but it's not a dull ache like I imagine that is. It's sharp.
Have my 12 week scan on Monday but that doesn't help me worry that I've done something.
Could it just be simply that I've pulled a muscle and now it's strained ?
You'd think as this is my third pregnancy I'd learn to stop worrying but I can't.

Foggymist Sat 01-Apr-17 17:11:35

Sounds exactly like my round ligament pain, which I've been getting since 7dpo this time!! It's always a rotten stabby pain, ruining all stretches or sneezes and moving in general!

MHbl Sat 01-Apr-17 17:13:41

Hi there SpwJd - I'm afraid I have no words of advice/experience but I hope you don't mind me commenting as I had just joined MumsNet this afternoon to post a very similar question!

I'm 21 weeks pregnant, first time I've got this far after 10 years of trying and 2 miscarriages. Today I've been experiencing odd pain/discomfort low down under the right hand side of my bump that has lasted pretty much all day since I went for a walk this morning (about 5km). I've been taking it easy with my feet up ever since, but it's not gone away. It's not a sharp pain or spasm, nor enough to take my breath away, but more like the occasional jabbing sensation or stitch, but the fact that it's lasted on and off all day is unnerving me now!

I've been googling round ligament pain too (I never know if googling is a good thing or not?!) and I was under the impression that round ligament pain WAS more of a sharp pain that came in a temporary intense spasm, which isn't really what I've got (but maybe is closer to your experience?). I don't know if this makes you feel any better? I hope you get some comfort and advice at your scan on Monday, good luck :-)

I wonder if round ligament pain feels different to different people. Anyone with more experience that can shed some light please?

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