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ThatsSoFetch Fri 31-Mar-17 18:54:13

I have 2 children, DS is almost 8 and DD is 3. Love them both and when DD was born, I had a coil fitted as I didnt want the hassle of taking the pill etc and it seemed the most reliable option.

My periods have been ridiculously regular for years - always every 4 weeks on the dot. But I am currently 3 days late. Ive not been late for so so so long, the last time was well and truly way before I was pregnant with DD.

I did a test the day I was due which was negative and I did another today at the doctors which was a mid day urine test and was also negative. With my first I had a faint positive (First Response test) the day I was due with a negative at the doctors 2 days later - confirmed with a blood test as the doctor said a false positive was unlikely. And with my second, positive tests at home and doctors from the day I was due. So 3 days on Im wondering what is going on.

So now Im in a little bit of a flap. Im concerned about the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy - as they are more likely with a coil and apparently have lower hcg levels so show up later on a urine test. And also thinking FFS I could really do without being pregnant!

So my question is this - how late has your period been before you have had a positive test or indeed a definite negative? As I am aware it all goes on hcg levels in your urine.

Many thanks!

ThatsSoFetch Fri 31-Mar-17 18:55:15

Just to confirm, if it is positive and all ok, Id be over the moon but its just not an ideal time with work!!!

Polly99 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:00:27

It isn't unusual to have the odd late period. Well, I get that it is unusual for you, but the point is it could be caused by many things other than pregnancy.
HCG can rise more slowly with ectopic pregnancy, but then often the result is that you have a period as HCG is not high enough to prevent a bleed, followed by a later BFP.
Late periods where there is no pregnancy are usually caused by late ovulation, and late ovulation can be caused by stress, illness, travel, hormonal changes as we age etc. Unless you get a BFP I'd say that a random late period is more likely than an ectopic pregnancy.

ThatsSoFetch Fri 31-Mar-17 19:29:33

I must also add that a week before my period was due I had horrific cramping - which again was unusual. So bad that I was doubled up in agony, couldnt move, it felt like labour pains and I prepared for a horrendous period. But no. Ive read about implantation pains now and think its made me worse. I normally have slight period pain the day before or on the day then a period.

Polly99 Sat 01-Apr-17 17:58:25

Time will tell of course, but ovulation pains are very common, can be severe, and if you had ovulated late that would explain your late period.

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