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Advice please..!!

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dede124 Fri 31-Mar-17 17:48:15

Hi everyone
I'm currently studying in my second year at university and due to finish the end of May. My baby is due in October and I am due to start back for my third and final year in September. I spoke told both my lecturers today that I am 12 weeks and due in October and I asked there advice on what I should do whether I should come back which they both encouraged me to do and said I should be able to manage with the right support and get a head start on some work throughout the summer, but I know how stressful it is already just with myself! Never mind with a new born..
I just wondered if anyone has been in this position or had a similar experience?? I really want to get my degree as I have worked so hard all the way through and I know if I take a year out I won't go back! X

dede124 Sat 01-Apr-17 17:07:50


Smurf123 Sat 01-Apr-17 17:22:30

I don't have any experience myself but I know of friends who did it. One ended up taking a couple of months out of class as her baby was born at 27 weeks.. He needed a lot of special care as did she. But the university were brilliant and kept her updated with the work and encouraged her to come back. She did and she managed to graduate at the same time as us. We did teaching so it was a very demanding course! Do you have much of a support network? I think for her her mum was an amazing help with her little one when she had to be at uni. I'd say give it a go :-) your so close to the end of the course now and if your tutors are being supportive it Sounds like it could be doable :-) best of luck and congratulations!!! :-)

Jade27xx Sat 01-Apr-17 17:25:43

I was in the same position with my studies. However im due in august and could have went back in september. I personally felt woth looking after baby and study and placment i would have been too tiried and probally drained myself. I also felt baby needs mummy alot when they are new borns. I sat down and spoke to myself about it lol i know my career is something i really want and i was cknvinced i wouldnt go back. But i also thought that i didnt want to miss the forst few months woth the baby and wanted to create a special bond. So i decided to tame a year out a d go back to uni the following year. You could always ask for a deffered place so its gauranteed for the dollowing year

milkjetmum Sat 01-Apr-17 17:32:00

If you're due in Oct you will almost certainly miss first few weeks of term? What childcare do you have in mind? Often nurseries only take babies from 3 months ish.

Probably lot depends on your course (hours per week), how much childcare your partner or family can do, and your baby (if they sleep it will be much easier than if they don't).

So possible of course, but I would suggest a year out may be the best option (and give you best chance of best marks in the end)

HN42 Sat 01-Apr-17 22:08:44

You could try going back and see how it goes - if you struggle you could perhaps look into stretching your final year over 2 years if the university would allow that?

I'm currently trying to cram an accountancy qualification that should have taken a year to complete into 9 months just so I can hopefully get my exams passed before my due date in July, that's on top of working full time and dealing with hyperemesis so I think the summer studying to get ahead can work for you if you are willing to put the work in. I know people who have finished qualifications too while on maternity leave so it can be done, you just need the right support network.

If you can get the support you need off your family and friends go for it and give it a go. If you know in your own mind you won't go back and finish your degree if you take a year out then you surely need to try to continue your studies. Good luck!

dede124 Mon 03-Apr-17 19:21:15

Thanks everyonesmile think I'm gonna go for it and try my best. Just want to get it out the way!!

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