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Morning after pill/Implantation bleeding?

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kimmy1512 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:52:31

Soooo. My last period started on 15th March. Me and the other half had sex on Friday the 24th. I had the morning after pill on Sunday morning 11.30. Today I had real bad cramps and then I have had slight spotting like really dark brown (super dark) Is this likely be the pill? Or implantation. I was curios as to whether I when I wpuld be ovulating and it on an app, it says Friday 24th and Saturday 25th Sunday26th, I would of been at a fertile stage. I am now in two minds as to whether its the pill or implantation. Anyone had this? Its 5 days since morning after pill and 7 days tomorrow I had sex. Please share your thoughts and sorry if there is too much information. It doesn't look like blood xxconfused

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