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Can't cope with this nausea :(

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Flamingo85 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:03:32

I'm 7 weeks and as much as this is a very much planned and already loved little one I'm really really struggling with nausea. Constant. All day. I haven't vomited at all but the churning is making me miserable and it's been 2 weeks now sad Has anyone got any ideas how I can relieve this? All I do is eat to stave it off but I'm so bloated and have put on weight that it's making me feel worsesad. Any advise would be massively appreciated!!

holzyb20 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:05:47

Try ginger should help x

Mungobungo Thu 30-Mar-17 17:07:22

Eating little and often may help. Often women feel worse when their stomach is too empty or too full.

WellErrr Thu 30-Mar-17 17:07:32

Go to the dr and get some medication. I had promethazine for constant nausea, it was great.

flowers it's a shit time!

WellErrr Thu 30-Mar-17 17:08:54

And no offence holzy but ginger for morning sickness is like suggesting a plaster for a severed foot. I used to get irrational rage when someone brightly said 'have you tried ginger?'


10storeylovesong Thu 30-Mar-17 17:35:57

Like wellerr, the only thing that helped was medication. Cyclizine didn't touch it but ondonsetron helped, I still threw up several times a day but I could get through the day.

Ginger doesn't taste nice in reverse!

PeachesandPie Thu 30-Mar-17 17:42:07

Seabands! I have been wearing them religiously since week 6 and they definitely take the edge off. I also found that I had to work out what works for me. At 10 weeks I still feel sick but know that eating as soon as I'm awake and then strictly eating something every single hour until about 3pm makes my day manageable. I'm also living off basically just cereal and bread with a bit of fruit and a lot of Nutella!

Sparklyuggs Thu 30-Mar-17 17:45:14

You poor thing, I remember feeling exactly the same and feeling hugely guilty about it. A few things helped me:

Little and often
Sipping (very slowly) Fanta
Oatcakes or rice cakes
Getting up slowly
Avoiding strong smells

I got much better at 14 weeks.

Lemondrop09 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:56:43

I feel your pain (and want to punch people who suggest ginger!)

Have a look at the Pregnancy Sickness Support website, its very helpful.

As mentioned, eat little and often. Bland salty carbs tend to go down well (salted crackers, ready salted crisps, digestive biscuits).
Make sure you sip fluids, you do not want to get dehydrated. I found sipping Lucosade helped settle my stomach
You can try seabands but they did sod all for me

Do go and talk to your GP is your suffering. The nausea can be worse than the vomiting sometimes and they might give you medication to help. I'm having to take two types of medication to get me through. I didn't want to, but I felt like you - I had no idea how I would get through!

And take one day at a time. When people say "it'll ease off at 12 weeks", I wanted to cry as every day felt like a year and 12 weeks seemed miles away. Don't focus on that, just get through one day.

Notsure1234 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:27:05

Don't suffer, I was exactly the same and medication helped massively. I took Avomine, only one a day and it was enough to keep the worst at bay. I still felt terrible if I didn't eat quick enough or get enough sleep and it didn't help the bloating but it was wonderful to not feel quite as bad.

I've only just stopped taking them at 16 weeks as it's manageable now. Peppermint tea helped me massively with the bloating too

dede124 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:08:00

Ginger and lime or lemon tea works really well for me. I start to feel sick in the evening from about 5pm but I am very rarely sick and it comes and goes. It disappeared at week 8 then came back at week 10 so hopefully you won't have it constantly! X

helensburgh Thu 30-Mar-17 19:09:35

It's so hard. I think it's v individual. Knowing gits not forever is the best thing.
It will.go..
Sending hugs

ForTheSakeOfFuck Thu 30-Mar-17 19:18:55

In my first pregnancy chewing gum was a lifesaver. For about four weeks, anyway, and then suddenly I couldn't stand it any more. For this one nothing helped except making sure there was something in my stomach to digest, so I gnawed my way through a tree trunk's worth of ryvita-esque cardbread every day. Dull, but on the bright side, it kept things, er, regular.

DuggeeHugs Thu 30-Mar-17 19:19:06

It's awful, I had this with both sad

Little and often in terms of food - we joke DC is made of potato because for 8 weeks potato products were all I could stomach. Try not to worry too much about weight and what you're eating - this phase will pass
Lots of water
Find a smell you're comfortable with and keep it nearby

It feels never-ending but it should go away by early T2 flowers

Flamingo85 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:20:27

Thank you so much for all your support and helpful advise. I think I need to see a GP and admit defeat sad
Thank you all again! X

ememem84 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:33:59

Icy cold drinks helped me. Specifically cloudy lemonade. Or bitter lemon

I've also found that staying really hydrated has bizarely eased the nausea. I don't know why though.

Also are you taking vitamin d?

Or pregnacare? I'm almost finished my pregnacare and won't be taking them again. Will stick to just folic acid and vitamin d separately. The pregnacare vitamins seem to exacerbate my nausea.

Other than that what others have suggested. Eat little and often, I've found high protein helps too. And not too much dairy. Apparently there's thinking that you can become ever so slightly lactose intolerant during pregnancy. Hydrate. As rest when you can.

I'm 14 weeks today and it seems touch wood tonne easing off.

MyFirstMyLastMyEverythingBagel Thu 30-Mar-17 19:38:05

It's not admitting defeat flowers there's medication to help so you take it it's perfectly safe! I did with all three of my pregnancies, I had the worst nausea it truly is horrific but the medication helped loads and I felt loads better! It's a special time enjoy it, don't struggle on feeling like death warmed up just because of an expectation that we just have to get on with it!!!

WellErrr Thu 30-Mar-17 19:40:45

It's not admitting defeat.

It's 2017 and you live in Great Britain. You don't have to suffer with this flowers

gingeristhenewblack43 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:50:59

It's not admitting defeat! I took cyclizine when pg. I was reluctant at first but it's perfectly fine to take. My nausea started at 5 wks and finally left at about 16 wks. I couldn't stomach eating anything until I took the cyclizine. Within an hour I felt 'better' and was able to stomach some toast.

mummabubs Thu 30-Mar-17 22:11:55

Just wanted to offer virtual hugs. I started feeling nauseous and being sick at 8 weeks and it's literally just started easing off yesterday (now 12+5), but it was 5 weeks of vomiting every day and feeling utterly nauseous constantly so I really know how draining and emotionally downing it is. I was really starting to go off pregnancy big time so just wanted to offer a glimmer of hope that even though it feels like it will never go away.... it will 😊 Until then as others say- eat little and often, drink ginger (but check that the drink has actual ginger in it, not just flavourings) and get your partner/husband/someone to take over cooking and give you space to rest. Hope it doesn't last too long for you OP and that meds help if you go down that route xx

holzyb20 Fri 31-Mar-17 06:26:35

Ginger worked for me.... Taken from the NHS website..

Ginger eases morning sickness

There is some evidence that ginger supplements may help reduce nausea and vomiting. To date, there have not been any reports of adverse effects being caused by taking ginger during pregnancy.
However, ginger products are unlicensed in the UK, so buy them from a reputable source, such as a pharmacy or supermarket. Check with your pharmacist before you use ginger supplements.
Some women find that ginger biscuits or ginger ale can help reduce nausea. You can try different things to see what works for you

10storeylovesong Fri 31-Mar-17 08:53:12

I think ginger can help if you have reasonably mild nausea. I know a lot of people in real life that it has worked for. However, there is a level of nausea that it just doesn't work for - and when you're at that point and you've already tried all the traditional methods it does become annoying when people keep trotting out the same lines - and yes, I do know that people are tying to help!

I was sent home from work after 2 hours one morning as I literally couldn't stop being sick. I was sick in a plastic bag in the car on the way to the gp, then threw up in their toilet as I ran through the door. I was a crying blubbering mess in a police officers uniform in the gp surgery, and asked for an appointment for cyclizine as it was the only thing that had helped in my first pregnancy. The male receptionist patronisingly told me to try ginger as he wouldn't make me an apt as pregnant women shouldn't take medication. I asked for his details so I could complain when I ended up in hospital on a drip with dehydration. He laughed at me and said he'd make me an apt so the dr could give me the same advice. The dr took one look at me and wrote a prescription.

Some attitudes towards pregnancy sickness (not anyone on here - society in general) can be very danagerous. It's still minimised - even among women who have been pregnant - as not many get it to that extent so think people are being soft or exaggerating. My best friend told me she had no sympathy as I really wanted this pregnancy - she came round a week later as I couldn't leave the house and was shocked when she saw my jeans hanging off me. "Luckily" my office is right next to the toilet so work know exactly how sick I've been and are now very understanding!

Lunalovepud Fri 31-Mar-17 09:04:04

Feeling for you op - pregnancy nausea is the pits.

Eat what you fancy if and when you fancy it - don't worry about keeping a healthy diet, you can sort that out when you feel better and baby will get all of the nutrients they need regardless.

Cream crackers, ice lollies like callippo etc and salted pop chips helped me... That and sea bands. Not sure if they actually work or are a placebo but I felt that they helped take the edge off a bit.

Please go to the doctor if you are struggling - there are safe medications you can take - it the 21st century - you don't have to suffer for a motherhood and feel shit for weeks.

Hope you are soon feeling better.

Lemondrop09 Fri 31-Mar-17 10:11:14

Ginger might work on mild nausea, but if someone has got the point of saying they can't cope, I doubt ginger will do a think. I know people mean well, but it literally sends me into an internal rage when someone suggests it to me. I've been signed off work for the last month - do you not think I've tried f-ing ginger!???!! Arrrrgggh angrygrin

My GP has generally been very good, but the other day I vomited blood overnight and ended up calling the out of hours GP, who was concerned and I nearly ended up at A&E. The next day I called my GP to renew my prescription and mentioned the night before. Got a feckin locum who said "oh, do you really need all these pills" and "have you tried ginger?". I'm vomiting blood, for crying out loud!!!! Ginger?! Argh, he's lucky I was on the phone or I would have punched him then vomited in his face!

OP, you sound like you're in a bad way and you need to be taken seriously. Sometimes there's this impression that you're not sick, your "just" pregnant, and therefore need to struggle on as morning sickness is nornal. Pregnancy sickness can be severe. Even without the vomiting, the nausea can be debilitating. If your struggling, it ok to go the GP and discuss help. It is absolutely NOT admitting defeat. Honestly, check out the Pregnancy Sickness Support website and hotline, they will take you seriously. It can be awful, but there are things that can help a bit and it WILL pass. Let us know how you get on.

Butterybean Fri 31-Mar-17 10:25:27

Offering big hugs, at week 7 I was exactly the same. I found that getting some breakfast biscuits (they have them in Lidl for 89p for a pack of 5) and eating them as soon as I woke up (like in bed, keep them next to you so you don't have to get up) with a cup of hot lemon water was the best way to not start feeling sick. They to eat something bland like a yoghurt and a banana once you have got up but before you start running around getting in shower etc. Maybe a bowl of plain cereal after you shower and dress.

Then I ate crackers with a a small slice of mild cheese or bit of a babybel each hour through the day, or just plain with an apple.

Don't attempt cooking. The smells make it worse. Plain salty crisps or salt and vinegar are good, was was fizzy water with squash in it, lime was nice. Get a load of plain snacks in that dont require any cooking. Or some microwave meals. I found apples to be a really good snack.

If you stick with something like this in a few weeks you should start to feel better. I'm on week 11 now and its fading, but I'm going to stick at the nibbling for a few weeks yet just to be sure. As long as you take your vitamins baby will get everything it needs. Keep some rennie to hand and if you start to feel the slightest bit heartburny chomp away at them.


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