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Tilly2017 Thu 30-Mar-17 16:26:44

So DP and I are having a really rough pat hy to the point where ive walked out twice this week and stupidly backed down and gone back but last night i was knocked over whilst having my laptop bag on my shoulder. Ended up falling onto my bag and laptop on end going into my bump. Maybe overreacted but immediately screamed and now been a bag of worries all day about bump and what i should do tonight and if i should go home or find somewhere else to crash for the night. It sounds pathetic i know and its a mix of pregnancy hormones and other issues but i just dont feel like i can face it tonight.

GreedyDuck Thu 30-Mar-17 17:39:56

You were 'knocked over'? By your partner? Then of course you shouldn't go back, he's an arsehole.

Happyandhungry Thu 30-Mar-17 17:58:12

He knocked you over?! Wtf? And you're debating whether to go go home. Personally he is in the wrong so i would go home and tell HIM to leave.

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