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Need some help with miscarriage information

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kakykay Thu 30-Mar-17 13:23:25

Hi there I'm new to this site so not really sure where to start, myself and my partner weren't trying but were extremely happy 2 weeks ago when we found out I was definitely pregnant after a month of umming and ahhing lol.. Went for my first appointment with gp on Tuesday who informed me I had miscarried at 8 weeks 3 days, we were absolutely destroyed but we're getting through it together.. I had a second appointment at the hospital today and advised them I wanted to miscarry naturally but didn't get much information about what to expect and this is my first pregnancy.. So far I've had severe cramping and loads of clots passing from me, but they just seem to be getting bigger, been taking some paracetamol to try and ease the pain now.. Currently lying with a heat pad on my stomach but I've realised the hospital have given me some antibiotics called Azithromycin, but never informed me on how or when to take them, was also given Cerazette contraceptive pill but again wasn't told when I could start taking them and the leaflets don't give away too much! Any help would be great, as of course our heads are currently all over the place so all this not knowing really isn't helping. Also does anyone know of anybody I could get in touch with to speak about the situation in a whole? Feeling really low about it at the moment and don't really know what to do, feel like my partner hates me for not being able to protect our baby, really lost at the moment..

Kikiroo Thu 30-Mar-17 13:43:14

Oh darling, I am so sorry for your loss. I've experienced a MMC at 12 weeks at the end of December and it was so hard. I ended up having a natural MC too at home. I'm appalled that they didn't give you more information on everything. I think you should try and google a number for your local EPU unit (early pregnancy unit) and explain what you've been given and how you've not had any information about dosages as well has how you're proceeding at the moment. Hopefully they can help you further on this. There is also a really helpful board on Mumsnet which got me through the dark days more than ever and I cannot thank all the wonderful women there.. (link here If you need to know anything else don't hesitate to ask. Thinking of you OP. xx

kakykay Thu 30-Mar-17 14:34:47

Thanks for your comment Kikiroo, it's just really hard I've always wanted kids and I've had previous issues with fertility due to having an ovary removed, so this just seemed like everything was falling into place, it's just so hard I really don't know how to cope I feel so low at the moment, feel like I've been picked up to the stars and dropped on my head again.. I'll definitely have a look for a number as I'm still in a lot of pain and feel all over the place right now.. Just heartbroken to be honest, thank you so much for your support lovely xxx

Kikiroo Thu 30-Mar-17 17:49:47

Oh love, sorry to hear you've gone through so much already. It's almost impossible to take on board someone telling you that you will get through this but with time things will get easier. I promise, I've been through it. ❤️

It was my first pregnancy last year and we were so excited but trying not to get too carried away.. I think the closer we got to our 12 week scan the more we thought we were in the clear but to then go to the scan and find no heartbeat a a still baby was devastating. I felt like I was drowning but with the help of the MC forum, my husband and parents I eventually came through to the other side. In the excitement of everything you don't really take into consideration anything else especially when it's your first pregnancy but I learnt that MCs are far more common than spoken about and that our loss happened for reasons beyond our control. Sad to say but the best possible outcome had happened to that pregnancy where it was unviable and this is by no means any reflection on your overall fertility. It is all by chance and random.

The only 'good'/hope that I took from this is that I was able to become pregnant. That is half the battle for some couples and I'm grateful that I can get to that point. OP despite your removal of an ovary you still managed to achieve something you thought would have been a very slim possibility. You can be pregnant again. xxx I am now 3 months on from my MC and now 5 weeks pregnant again, I am a ball of nerves but am taking each day as it comes. What will be will be.

It's an awful traumatic experience but I feel it has made me stronger and more resilient for it. I hope you eventually feel the same too. Look after yourself and plenty of rest. xx

Helbelle75 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:05:11

So sorry to hear this. It's devastating. We had a mmc last year, and I miscarried naturally at home. There was a lot of blood and clots. I did have to go in for fluids but I wasn't given any medication at all.
I agree with kikiroo about phoning the unit.
Please make sure you look after yourself emotionally as well, give yourself time to grieve. I had counselling through cruse, which I found very helpful.
As kkikiroo says, at least you know you can get pregnant. We conceived again 2 months after the mmc and i'm now 10 days away from our due date.
Look after yourself.

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