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Is it ok to take antibiotics when fasting for GTT?

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Lucinda15 Thu 30-Mar-17 09:17:39

Was prescribed amoxicillin capsules yesterday for chest infection. Started yesterday, took second dose this morning without thinking I'm meant to be fasting for GTT today. I've arrived for my GTT and explained but midwives have been unable to confirm if this will invalidate the test. They suggested go ahead with it anyway and let pathology know so they can consider it or request repeat GTT.

Does anyone know? I'm late taking this GTT as 'slipped through the net', I've already had a fair amount of time off work for chest infection, and wld really rather not have to repeat the GTT. They said I should know in couple of days but if anyone knows, that would help me stop wondering in the meantime!


FlipKat Thu 30-Mar-17 09:28:16

I think this will be fine. Did you just take it with water, or have you drunk anything else?

Amoxicillin capsules contain a tiny amount of starch as part of the ingredients and technically the gelatine capsule has some calorific value but these are tiny quantities so I reckon would have negligible effect on the GTT.

Worst case scenario you can just repeat the GTT if it comes back borderline but really I think it will be fine.

Lucinda15 Thu 30-Mar-17 09:51:03

Thank you! I was hoping it would be alright. Like I say, bit late in pregnancy having this test and already had time off work and a considerable amount of time in a waiting room at hospital yesterday while they assessed me for chest infection. Just dreading coming back again! Lol.

No I've only had water since 10pm last night (and now the lucosade - yuk!)

Hopefully it will be ok. Thanks for the advice x

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