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Referral to Guys Hospital London for IVF on NHS - what to expect?

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user1470147116 Tue 28-Mar-17 15:48:09

Saw a consultant today at Guys Hospital and they are referring me for IVF on NHS at Guys Hospital.

Been told its 6 weeks to sort of funding paperwork but no queues for treatment (?!).

Has anyone else been referred for IVF at Guys Hospital?

How long was it before you actually started IVF?

What was the process like?

Would appreciate advice!

RebeccaNoodles Tue 28-Mar-17 16:01:19

Hi user, I believe the waiting list at Guys is relatively speedy so it could be just six weeks as you were told to your first appointment -and then I suppose another month to treatment - but I don't know. I think you would be better off ringing them, and/or asking this to be moved to the Infertility board (my former home before my IVF treatment!)

Good luck. flowers

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