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Being weighed during pregnancy?

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MotherOfBeagles Mon 27-Mar-17 22:00:12

Ok truth on the table up front I am overweight, although I walk every day - having two beagles makes it impossible not to - I have always struggled to lose weight. I'm now 9+1 and trying to eat healthy and keep moving as much as I can around the nausea and fatigue.

But I had my booking in appt last week and all went well. They've said I'm low risk and can choose between home, birth centre or hospital for giving birth. But on doing some research it says over a certain BMI will be hospital.

My question is when does this get sorted out? I wasn't weighed at my booking in appt, is that normal? Will they do it later on?

Sorry for the long winded approach but this is my first and I'm really confused! Also yes I know this is really early, I'm organised. It's a problem.

DinosaurFanGirl Mon 27-Mar-17 22:23:34

I was weighed at my 12 week scan and they said from then on its up to my midwife to keep an eye on my weight. Good luck and congratulations x

lovelycats Mon 27-Mar-17 22:41:40

I was weighed at booking appointment (8 weeks), and this was used to calculate my BMI. I don't see the point in waiting until you've naturally gained more weight and are further on to do this. I was only weighed once after this at 35 weeks and very little was said about me gaining enough weight to be having a foal rather than a baby my weight gain. Despite being overweight to begin with, my MW has never told me I couldn't have a home birth. I was borderline so perhaps she was able to use discretion.

MotherOfBeagles Tue 28-Mar-17 09:08:58

Thanks ladies! Will see what happens at the next appt can ask then as well I guess. I'm really torn whether to go for a birth centre or hospital - almost wish I didn't have a choice lol.

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