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Internal infection after C section

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Michame Mon 27-Mar-17 13:27:21

I all,
I am 1 week post labour . I had a 36 hr failure to deliver labour so had an emergency c section.
I was told I developed an infection after surgery due to high temp. Put on antibiotics and was discharged 3 days later without any antibiotics.

1 week later I had a sudden gush of heavy bleeding(soaked 3 towels in an hour) and a large blood clot (golf ball) so went to MAU. They said I had an internal infection as I had pain in my abdomen and bleeding fresh blood. They sent me home with antibiotics and that was that!

I'm very tender all over stomach and back, weak and still bleeding fresh blood ( not gushing).
I've had black diarrhoea and exhausted. I'm still passing clots and wee is red.

Has anyone experienced this and help calm my anxiety?

Thank you (please ask any questions!!)

CatONineTails Mon 27-Mar-17 13:37:02

I don't want to alarm you but black diarrhoea can be a sign of some sort of internal bleeding never mind infection!

1 week post birth you should still be under midwife care and should also be able to ring the labour ward for advice. I suggest you do this asap and explain the symptoms you've described here. I think you need urgent assessment and treatment tbh.

Hope you get seen fast flowers

Emma2803 Mon 27-Mar-17 16:28:31

I got iron capsules after my c section and had the most horrendous black smelly diarrhoea!! Sorry to be so gross. I was also very worried about it. But Dr's said it was normal. Also I bleed for weeks after mine, light flow but red and constant.
You will be exhausted for a while your body has been through an awful lot.
Definitely mention to your midwife though if you are worried. And take it easy too, don't do too much.
Would your pee be red cos you are peeing and there is blood down below mixing in if you know what I mean? Doesn't take much blood to colour it.

Hope you feel better soon, are you still taking your pain medicine?

Michame Mon 27-Mar-17 18:49:11

Thank you all for your replays.
I've manage to get appointment for tomorrow and will update. I am on iron tablets so this could be possible cause.

I will also try to find out why I am passing clots.

Will update...

Suzietwo Mon 27-Mar-17 18:52:56

It could all be explained but it could be infection. When I had an infection it hurt far more than the initial section wound. I couldn't move a week after surgery. When I got antibiotics the wound burst open. If yours has healed it may not be able to burst through so has nowhere to go. If pain or discharge change is be straight down to a and e

Blastandtroph Mon 27-Mar-17 18:56:17

It's possible part of your placenta or membranes are retained in the uterine cavity.

Please call the obstetric unit (not MLU) tonight OP. They should have a triage number or straight through to delivery suite. You will very likely need IV antibiotics, rather than oral.

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