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Feeling guilty for stopping working

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musicmomma Mon 27-Mar-17 11:58:20

I've just stopped working last week at 37 + weeks pregnant because I thought I was going into labour last Sunday - but then - nothing! I've been having painful braxton hicks, return of morning sickness, back ache etc and so I thought (naively, as I am a first timer) that I was going to go into labour soon. I'm self employed so I cancelled all work and went on maternity leave, sent off for my maternity allowance to be triggered and waited. Nothing has happened! Now I feel like we've fallen off this financial cliff - all my income has of course stopped - and I could have kept on working for a little while longer! Also I'm terrified of having annoyed my client base I've spent years building up - although they're all mums too so they've been incredibly understanding.

Does anybody else feel like this when they started maternity leave? Anyone else self employed who has any advice on how to manage on the maternity allowance? I'm going to have to return to work literally as soon as possible!

And breathe...

Passmethecrisps Mon 27-Mar-17 12:01:35

At 37+ weeks you are full term and even though you don't feel much has happened yet, really, baby could arrive at any time.

I did feel guilty when I stopped work last time. I was about 35 weeks as there was a 2 week holiday so officially stopped at 37 weeks. I felt guilty really until maybe 39 weeks when I was just so knackered that I hadn't the energy to invest in it.

The other issues relating to being self-employed sound very challenging and I am not surprised you are feeling anxious about them.

DaisyS91 Mon 27-Mar-17 12:52:54

Not self employed but an NQT which means I'm only entitled to the allowance sad. Need to go back to school full time in September. Feel wretched about leaving my baby already and know I will only feel worse when she is actually here sad

musicmomma Mon 27-Mar-17 18:53:19

Thanks everyone! I'm feeling less stressed now-painful Braxton hicks all afternoon + nausea have made me feel less guilty for not working today.

Daisy - maternity allowance is crap isn't it?? sad

DaisyS91 Tue 28-Mar-17 07:48:36

It is! It's a pittance. I worked so hard to finally get a decent paid career as well 😅!

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