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Allergic reactions in pregnancy

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UmuLuxury Mon 27-Mar-17 06:25:11

Shellfish makes me vomit.

Last night I went to dinner and the restaurant said almost everything had shellfish in it. There was one thing on the menu I could have so I had that.

Have spent the night throwing up so clearly it had some contact or something.

I know I'm being ridiculous but I haven't felt my baby move and I have been so so violently sick for so many hours now. I guess am just looking for reassurance that I don't need to worry about the baby? Should I?

DaisyChainsForever Mon 27-Mar-17 09:21:35

How pregnant are you, have you been feeling the baby move up until now? I would ring your midwife/hospital for further advice.

UmuLuxury Mon 27-Mar-17 10:26:23

21 weeks but fourth so started feeling movement a few weeks ago. V regular in the last week or so.

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