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Pelvic Pain - Rolling over in bed

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Laura2507 Sun 26-Mar-17 04:22:59


I'm 20 weeks and for the past month or so I've been getting pelvic pain, sometimes if I've walked for longer period but mostly it's worse in the night when I roll over side to side. It wakes me multiple times in the night. I have had lower back pain in the past related to a cycling injury caused by a tilted pelvis so guess that doesn't help.

I've read it's common and there are some thing to do to help but just wanted to hear from people who have experienced this.

Is it likely to get worse as the weeks go on? Have you had any treatment that has made it better? I will mention it to the midwife but so far I've not found anything to suggest there is much out there to relieve it.

Moomin37 Sun 26-Mar-17 04:30:06

Hello smile I had pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and it steadily got worse, to the extent that I was on crutches then signed off work. In my area you can self refer to physio and I found their advice helpful for managing the condition - such as sleeping with pillow between legs and keeping knees together when rolling over in bed. They also offered sessions in the hydro pool but I was too far into my pregnancy by then to access this. In short I would advise seeking help sooner rather than later and I wish you all the best smile

user1481490957 Sun 26-Mar-17 06:26:13

I suffer with the same and at 33 weeks have been signed off work awaiting physio. Unfortunately it did just continue to get worse, to the point i found it hard to walk. Conventional paracetomol dont really touch the pain but I refused to take stronger meds. Rest really does help but it still wakes me alot throught the night. Nice warm baths can help take the edge off temporarily. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy op. No one tells us of all these glamourous conditions pre pregnancy hmm

43percentburnt Sun 26-Mar-17 06:38:38

I paid to see a private osteo which helped far more than the NHS physio. The osteo kept me walking for a few more weeks. Wear silk or satin pjs in bed to help you roll over. Put a pillow between your legs when you sleep. Roll onto your side, legs together and push up with your arm to get out of bed.

I had to stop driving but it was a twin pregnancy so seemed to get worse quickly. I could barely walk by week 23 I borrowed a wheel chair a couple of times because it was hard on crutches.

After having the babies I went to NHS physio and a post natal class which worked. But I still get twinges every now and again.

If you can afford it pay to see an osteo or physio this week. I found swimming made things worse too (it's not meant to). You need to take it easy (dh did everything at home) I just rested.

Lucinda15 Sun 26-Mar-17 08:14:36

I went to a cranial osteopath who also did acupuncture for me. Worked wonders, alongside yoga/Pilates. I'm managing to keep it at bay! Good luck xxx

Lucinda15 Sun 26-Mar-17 08:15:57

Re. Swimming, I was told don't 'swim', just walk widths across shallow end. If u do swim, use a float and just kick your legs up and down, no breaststroke x

PaulaBBB Sun 26-Mar-17 08:19:30 case it got worse. Get your midwife to refer you to ohysio as soon as you can.

Some good tips are keep your legs closed when getting in and out of the car, like a lady would do lol,wear silk or satin pjs or get a bed sheet as it makes it easier for you to turn in bed, takes the stairs one at a time, like a small child does. Don't sit if too long for don't walk/stand for too long either!

Hope it's donesnt get much worse, I ended up on crutches and a wheelchair, twice! So I certainly feel your pain. Get that referral in to the physio though.

Laura2507 Sun 26-Mar-17 08:44:41

Oh gosh it sounds quite scary! I've chosen to be a solo mum so live on my own! My parents want to move closer by when dad retires but they currently live 2hrs away so they can't help too much at the moment.

I did just buy a maternity cossie as I wanted to keep active so thought it might help as not weight bearing. Sounds like not a great idea!

Thanks for telling me your experiences though, I will call the midwife tomorrow.

How soon after birth did it get better? Those that needed crutches did you still need them a while after? Trying to think about the practicalities of looking after a newborn if walking is still a problem!

Bluefrog26 Sun 26-Mar-17 09:15:01

I had this, turning over in bed or getting out of bed was so painful. I was told it would disappear as soon as I had baby but I didn't believe it would because i could hardly move. It did go straight away, although was replaced with the pain of stitches and back pain after labour.
Midwife referred me to physio who gave me a piece of material like a boob tube to wear over my hips. Helped a bit but bump grew out of it so didn't use for long. Pillow in between legs at night helped quite a lot. Also don't sit down or stand for too long, my legs/ hips used to kind of set and I'd have to slowly get them moving again. I know it's horrible but hopefully will go after baby comes.

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