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Early scan after bleeding

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PTphonehome Sat 25-Mar-17 17:49:31

Hi again.
I was due an early reassurance scan later this week at 7+2 but I had some bleeding on Thursday night and the cramps changed. Also my good pregnancy symptoms seemed to have reduced.
Went for a scan this morning at 6+4, expecting it all to be over but we saw a very very tiny baby and a nice wee heartbeat.
I'm amazed.
Still absolutely terrified and crampy but also elated that I know it's still in there trying to grow.
I'll be hanging around for a hut longer it would seem smile

ellesbellesxxx Sun 26-Mar-17 02:41:35

Your scan pic has your personal details on.. might be worth getting it removed and reposting cropped?
Glad all turned out ok at scan x

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