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Growth Scan Confusion/Worries

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Laulou87 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:38:59

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have been having regular growth scans since 27 weeks due to a slightly high bmi (not an issue, extra checks can only be a good thing - or so I thought). Basically at each scan my baby has fluctuated between the 50th and 95th centile at each scan and each time we've had to go back for further scans and checks (again I'm not bothered by this as it's better to be safe than sorry) however we keep getting a conflicting opinion on whether this is a serious issue or not - midwives tend to be more relaxed whereas the consultants (not seen the same one twice) always suggest there is something to be concerned about. At my last scan (33wks) I was told the baby was now 5.5lbs and if she continued to grow at this rate then further discussions would be needed as to how the pregnancy would progress and I would need a further GTT to determine whether this had an impact on baby's growth. There was initially a lot of confusion over my dates due to a lot of bleeding and apparent miscarriage at the start of my pregnancy so my midwife has suggested that my dates are possibly wrong and I'm further than initially thought - what will be will be but I'm now terrified about having to deliver a giant baby!! Had anyone else been in a similar situation where actually measurements/dates have turned out wrong and actually your baby was fine?

PS I totally understand that this is something of a "first world" problem and that many people would kill to be in this position and have a baby to be worried about but it is concerning to be constantly told that she's too small one week and too big the next without being given any further explanation (I have asked repeatedly but no-one will commit to giving a response)

happymumof4crazykids Sat 25-Mar-17 10:22:49

Growth scans are not always right and having a high bmi makes it harder for them to be accurate. In my experience only one growth scan has been right for me in 4 pregnancies hmm
1st pregnancy I was referred for a growth scan as I was measuring 4 weeks over was told baby would be big approx 9lb he was 6lb 9oz.
2nd baby same thing measuring over baby was going to be small approx 6 to 7lb max was 8lb 10oz
3rd baby I developed gestational diabetes had scans every 2 weeks from 28 weeks was told I would be induced at 38 weeks. 2 days before induction told baby would be 7lb max she was 9lb 11oz.
4th baby I again had gestational diabetes growth scans every 3 weeks last scan at 35 weeks induced at 38 weeks was told baby would be around 8lb but very long she was 8lb 7oz and 59cm long so the only one that was right!
As long as there is no other health problems and baby is moving and happy all should be fine.
My biggest baby was my quickest labour and delivery only 2 1/2 hrs all the others were 12hrs + so having a bigger baby is not always difficult.
Good luck hope all goes well for you flowers

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