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PND gone since pregnant again

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RolandRat Fri 24-Mar-17 13:01:41

I'm pretty sure I had postnatal depression after the birth of my DD 20 months ago and this, in hindsight, delayed me bonding with her until recently. I never told anyone until a few months ago when my constant thoughts of suicide became too much, and have yet to build up the courage to see my GP, although family members have repeatedly asked me if "everything is ok"and made it clear they also suspect I am suffering from PND.

However I have now become pregnant again and am currently 7 weeks gone . Since I've found out my depression has literally lifted overnight. Obviously this is fantastic and has made me realise how truly awful I felt previously, along with feeling sad that I didn't get help previously.

I'm assuming that my depression was hormone related and was wondering if anyone has experienced the same? Also, does anyone know how I should address this once I give birth again? I have my booking in appointment in 2 weeks and obviously fully intend to tell the midwife EVERYTHING, but would appreciate hearing other views in the meantime.

booox Fri 24-Mar-17 19:24:06

I do think there can be hormonal links to depression. There's research linking it to inflammation too; sometimes pregnancy can help inflammatory diseases so there's no reason to think it's not the same.

You could look at natural treatments e.g. Fish oils, evening primrose, vitamins, magnesium etc. However, I know there are some contraception pills that also mimic pregnancy that might help. We're you ever on antidepressants? Interestingly they can also be inflammatory as well as support mood and concentration.

I think getting a gp who would be able to work with you in it would really help. It might even be worth touching base now to explain this has happened and how might you tackle it post baby.

However, you may not get it post baby anyway.

It could be worth also checking for thyroid issues; you might have been a bit under post baby. The thyroid starts growing in early pregnancy which might help you feel better. However if there's an issue it may need treatment either now or post baby, or both. I think this is unlikely but not unreasonable.

Essexmum69 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:56:50

Yes, happened to me too. I also improved on a combined contraceptive pill but was worse on a POP so wondered if it was connected to oestrogen levels.

vfoster Sat 25-Mar-17 08:56:07

I 100% agree that hormones can cause depression.
I had PND after the birth of my 3 year old and had suicidal thoughts. Luckily, I had an observant health visitor who kept coming until I could talk about it.
Eventually, the depression lifted but I was left with severe anxiety and diagnosed with GAD. After a lot of work I managed it but it was still there and I thought I'd just have to live with it.
Last summer we went on holiday and on the flight there I was in bits with anxiety. Even on holiday I couldn't relax and enjoy it. Before we went I'd read lots about the mini-pill causing these symptoms so on the last couple of days of the holiday I stopped taking it. Immediately I felt 100% better. I relaxed on the flight home and had 'normal' anxiety levels straight away.
A few months later I fell pregnant again and that week (before I knew I was pregnant) my anxiety came back.
It has to be hormone related for me. I can't see any other way to explain mine, think my body/brain reacts very strongly to hormones.
I discussed this with the midwife and she said that they offer an 'extended postnatal programme' for mothers who have history of depression. It means that I won't just get one visit from the midwives/health visitor afterwards. They will visit a lot more after the birth until I feel I am ok. Perhaps it's worth asking for this? I'm only 24 weeks now and I've already said I 100% need it! After the first time, I am definitely taking my menta health more seriously! I was so naive about it the first time; I genuinely thought it was my fault and it was 'all in my head'!

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