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Could this be implantation bleed?

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user1490011380 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:18:59

Hello apologies if this is a bit tmi, but the day before yesterday I had what felt like very heavy period pains lower back ache and like a pulley staring feeling in my uterus area, have had a pad in the last week as been feeling like I was going to come on, as I think I am due about now, and today saw this coloured staining I've not seen before? Could it be implantation cramping and bleeding just apart? Or on coming period? Any thoughts? Would love to be prego. Thank you h x

user1490011380 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:19:39

Strainy feeling not staring lol x

DuRezidal Thu 23-Mar-17 20:02:46

Have you tested?

user1490011380 Thu 23-Mar-17 20:19:15

I last tested last Sunday, negative, but the pully strainy cramps were this Tuesday, and that faint browny pinky stain was today? I've had normal period type feeling cramps since last Tuesday up until this Tuesday when the bigger strainy one happened, would a test show positive now if I was? It's weird the pain/cramps and the stain were a day apart? X

normanreedusWILLbemyhusband Thu 23-Mar-17 20:54:56

I had this when had ds. I'd never had implantation bleeding/spotting before with other dc.
Don't want to get your hopes up! But hopefully it's a positive! And not a sign your about to come on!

user1490011380 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:01:13

Ooh interesting. Thank you, Can I ask how long after cramping/bleeding you got your bfp? So impatient...! X

normanreedusWILLbemyhusband Thu 23-Mar-17 21:10:05

It's horrible waiting isn't it! It was about 2/3 days, I can't remember exactly but it wasn't long!
I do have pcos on was in cycle day 90 (something!) so I have absolutely no idea when I conceived!
Try a test over the weekend, or maybe early next week. (I know the wait is hard!) so test everyday! Lol.
Let us know how you get on! Really hoping for bfp for you! envy (and yes, I am jealous!) grin

normanreedusWILLbemyhusband Thu 23-Mar-17 21:11:24

I was on not on was in!

DuRezidal Thu 23-Mar-17 21:17:03

I would test now as if you have implantation bleeding you should have some HCG present.

user1490011380 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:27:53

Ahh thank you I will let you know. I think I'm just making it all up in my head now, I think I will test Saturday morning, I've read a few things saying (if it was implantation) to wait a few days? So I will... I could be completely wrong, I came off the pill just over a month ago and this wpuld be the normal time for my next 'period' well last week, but all the cramps happened and no period, then the stain... so confusing. And I've had metallic taste for a few weeks but possible off the pill symptom? Nothing else really, aahhh. X

ruthieruthuk Thu 23-Mar-17 21:39:24

Ive had this from the beginning and I'm now 6wks pregnant, I've also had some pink discharge as well which is similar to what u get at the start of a period, i was convinced i was coming on my period then had a massive shock when i took a pregnancy test a couple of weeks ago and got a faint positive, I've been testing ever since (not every day, I'm not a cereal tester, lol!) and have a very strong positive now! All the best xx

Yogagirl123 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:43:08

I had this with ds2, I can remember telling my MIL and her exact words to me were, perhaps something's there then, she was right, he's now 14! All the very best of luck.

user1490011380 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:07:51

Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm really worried about doing a test tomorrow morning now, as I'm thinking maybe I just had a week of pain because it's the time I would've normally had a period on the pill but just it didn't happen and my discharge just happened to be like that after a bigger pain at the end confused

Can I ask if any of you who say you had a similar thing happen, if it happened straight off/first month coming off the pill with out even having had a period?! Thank you x h x

Yogagirl123 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:49:22

I was still breastfeeding ds1 and having normal periods. It was very unusual for me to spot in between periods, I just had the spotting for one day, around the middle of my cycle. I hope it all works out good for you.

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