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Indent or very faint positve?

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Koosh90 Thu 23-Mar-17 13:38:49

I've been ttc for a year now and would appreciate another pair of eyes (or several pairs!) on today's test. Yesterday I got a BFN and not sure if this is a real line or possibly an evaporation.

PenguinDi Thu 23-Mar-17 13:42:38

Spent many times looking at squinters and I think I see something. Good luck smile

OuchBollocks Thu 23-Mar-17 13:45:00

I have peed on a million of those and only ever had anything other than an Arctic-white stick when it was a bfp (or tfp - tiny faint positive smile )

BaggyCheeks Thu 23-Mar-17 13:45:57

Looks like a line to me, definite squinter though! Try again tomorrow smile good luck!

jinglebellmel Thu 23-Mar-17 14:32:14

Looks like there is sometching there to me, good luck!

NaturWilde Thu 23-Mar-17 19:38:51

I darkened it on my phone and definitely a line! How many dpo?

Koosh90 Thu 23-Mar-17 19:53:25

Thank you everyone! Either 12, 13 or 14dpo as I had a weird 3 day surge with my ovulation tests this month. I usually only get a 12 hour surge if I'm lucky so this month has been confusing altogether! Also CD25 😊

Koosh90 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:39:56

Just thought I'd update for others who come across this and want to know the result-AF arrived 4 days ago so I'm thinking either chemical or evap line. Fingers crossed for the next cycle!

AnnMarie21 Fri 31-Mar-17 01:10:09

Are these positives? Are they false? Im hoping for the best here. Im 4 days before my AF. Any opinions?

Joffmognum Fri 31-Mar-17 01:29:40

AnnMarie those are definitely positive smile

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