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Baby aspirin in early pregnancy

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NaturWilde Thu 23-Mar-17 10:25:29

Just got my bfp but super early (10dpo). I'm older, and so have been taking baby aspirin.

Pretty sure I implanted 7/8 dpo (had slight spotting).

Is it recommended to continue with the baby aspirin beyond implantation? Or continue?

I've heard both recommendations!


ITGurl Thu 23-Mar-17 10:28:55

I was told before to take it from BFP to 12 weeks or until advised to stop.
It did cause some random bruising for me, which I guess proved it did its job. I had 2 MCs prior to that sucessful pregnancy.

Snowflakes1122 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:04:20

Some people (higher risk of preeclampsia, miscarriage etc) take it all the way through pregnancy.

I'll stop at 37 weeks or so-depending on what my consultant advises.

Snowflakes1122 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:04:38

Congratulations by the way!! smile

toadierocks Thu 23-Mar-17 12:28:12

HI and congratulations - Have you been advised by a doctor or consultant to take it? I was advised to take it from conception by a specilist for re-occurring miscarriages but you need to make someone aware if you're taking it when it hasn't been advised. I had to take it until 36 weeks but I would seek advice now. Best wishes x OH and make sure it's baby aspirin only 75mg not a full dose.

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