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First time pregnancy - talk to me!

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Jem2013scout Wed 22-Mar-17 17:39:09

Hi ladies,

I have an appt at the doctors tomorrow to get the ball rolling - currently 5wks smile

After the doctors what happens next?

First scan, when I'm 12 weeks I'll be going on holiday, is it possible to request to be scanned before this?

Just in general, what's next with regards to midwife appts / scans?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


DebsOctBaby Wed 22-Mar-17 18:21:40

So I've had my booking in appointment with my midwife at 8 weeks then my scan at just over 12 weeks. They won't do it much before 12 weeks as that's the end of your first trimester, however they can do it up to 14 weeks. They are key dates because of the screening for downs etc. After that I have another appointment with my midwife at 16 weeks and then a scan at 20 weeks.

It's my first as well so am very excited! I actually paid for an early scan at 8 weeks as it seemed such a long wait to see my jellybean!

mrsbumblebees Wed 22-Mar-17 18:33:26

Hi there,

I think it varies a bit depending on where you live, I'm 9+5 and went to the GPs at about 5 weeks (after reading advice on the NHS website), who basically told me I needed to see the midwife instead(!), so I had my first appointment with midwife at 6 weeks. This was very brief, they took a few details, gave me some folic acid, a load of info about tests and told me my community midwife would be in touch to arrange the booking appointment where they would come to my home, and they said I would get a letter about the 12 week scan date. This only arrived today and it won't take place till I'm 12+6 which feels like forever to wait. And I've still not had a date for my booking appointment - but after chasing today I've been told they have not forgotten me, they are just very busy!

There is a number to call if you can't make your scan date, so they may be able to move this earlier for you but it may depend on the service in your area. Mine seem very slow (or perhaps just very busy).

That's as much as I know for now, I would just prepare yourself for a lot of waiting!! Good luck with it all smile

SlB09 Wed 22-Mar-17 18:45:02

Im 14 weeks. Booking appointment at 8 bloods weight height etc, 1st scan at 13+5 weeks (which actually was nice as those two weeks difference meant baby was well defined on scan) they can scan anywhere up to 14+3 if you want combined downs testing etc if not it doesnt matter they can do a different test later on.I was Chromosome tested same day and got results today through post. Nest midwife app 16 weeks for BP and urine testing, general chat etc then my scan will be at 22 weeks and this is an anomoly scan to make sure all ok. Then from then until birth various midwife app, if you look online theres a standard visiting schedule for first timers - we get a few more than the experienced ones!! Congrats x

Jem2013scout Wed 22-Mar-17 20:04:29

Thank you all, great

Misssmoo Wed 22-Mar-17 21:44:56

I seen mw at 10 wks now 11+5 no scan appt no 3 xxx

NerdyViking Thu 23-Mar-17 07:41:41

Hi, I'm 5+1!

I contacted my gp's who referred me to the local midwives; I have a booking appointment in the 13th 😊 still a bit in shock but very excited!

Have you told anyone yet? Told my mum and brother and hubby's sister last night. Telling rest of immediate family over the next few days 😊 also planning on telling work next monday as well, as I work in a lab, so they need to do a risk assessment. Little bit nervous about it though, as I've only been working there for a few months - didn't think I'd get pregnant so quickly!

Jem2013scout Thu 23-Mar-17 07:52:52

I'm 5+1 today too! Preg Twins! LOL

I've told mum dad, my best friend who's like a sister, and a lady at the yard I keep my horse at so there's no awkward questions about why I'm not riding! wink

Telling work tomorrow, I'm a vet nurse so obviously need to make some changes too! Very nervous as well! I've been there 4 and a half years but still doesn't take the nerves away! Everybody else has been so lovely and supportive so fingers crossed! Good luck!smile

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