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Over 40 Success Stories for a book

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sjpeach Wed 22-Mar-17 16:33:07

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm a writer who is TTC but I wonder if I could ask for your help with something, please...

I'm compiling a book of positive, inspiring stories from ladies over the age of 40 who have had successful pregnancies (ie babies!) - through whatever means, having conceived over the age of 40 and with their own egg and a baby to show for it. This could be IVF, naturally, not-trying, trying desperately, after years of miscarriages, sperm donor, lesbian, ICU, single or married, with heaps of other children already or none at all, or any other scenarios - just that it happened, over the age of 40 with their own egg.

I realise this is a delicate area and would love to get this book out there so others can be inspired and motivated and encouraged, if they are struggling on a fertility journey. There will also be a blogsite (to come). wine

I also want to raise the profile of over 40 year old women who have had children and aren't so 'abnormal' as others, certainly the press, often portray. At this point I am just gathering stories from anyone who would like to submit to this book. I previously compiled a book on "camaraderie from the internet" called 'You're Not the Only One' in 2008 which raised >1.2k for the charity Warchild.

I don't know what charity this book's money would go to yet but it would be probably for those on fertility journeys/NHS/olderwomen/miscarriage research area related. halo

If I could ask you to ask around/send this to someone you know who might be up for submitting a piece, that would be really appreciated - thanks! Please could they/you/anyone interested contact me on I would be really grateful.

All submissions could be anonymous or named - up to you - roughly around 250-750 words and all methods you tried would be great to know. The book would be a hard copy book, and e-book and on a blogsite. YOU would have final editorial say on your piece entered!

Thank you in advance! Sarah XX flowers

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