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up coming period cramps? pregnancy cramps? just off the pill instead of a period cramps?

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user1490011380 Wed 22-Mar-17 15:23:10

title says it all?
been off the pill for a month now
over the fact ive had all these symptoms that could either mean off the pill or pregnant
but im around the area i would usually come on, and nothing yet...if anything, faintest yellow discharge, period type cramping for past week, in my stomach area, lower right hand side? but no bleeding
wth is going on???
i have had metallic taste and feeling of excess saliva most afternoons for last few weeks, bloating, tired, but nothing else, the metallic taste and period type pains are whats making me wonder? i am ttc and did 6 tests last week all negative... stopped the obsession with that now, but?
yesterday was full on bad period cramping and lower back ache, before that more mild, yesterdays followed with a strainy type pain above my area lol
sorry, just trying to fill in all my symptoms and thoughts
please help sad x

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