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Just found out pregnant (again)

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LisaPoouts Tue 21-Mar-17 14:20:51

Hi anyone out there who has just got the bfp smile I feel it is too soon to be talking about it, but I can't help myself. Had a an early miscarriage in January and fallen back on this month. Would be nice to meet some friends to talk to without my family and friends in the real world knowing. Plus I found when I did miscarry being on here and talking to people really helped, so j guess if it happens to me again being here is good too smile fingers crossed this one sticks smile

Introvertedbuthappy Tue 21-Mar-17 14:23:06

I'm not pregnant (nor do I want to be haha, 2 is enough for me!) I just wanted to say congratulations to you and I hope this one sticks. Best of luck! flowers

OnNaturesCourse Tue 21-Mar-17 14:30:36


I'm 4 weeks today with my 1St and super excited and scared!

GreedyDuck Tue 21-Mar-17 14:32:19

Congratulations! You could check out the antenatal clubs section on here. There's threads for whichever month you're due, so you can chat with other people who are at a similar stage.

LisaPoouts Tue 21-Mar-17 14:33:59

Thank you all, I am super excited but trying to stay a little grounded incase it gets taken away again. I will join the other groups too, thank you I didn't know about those xxx here's to happy, healthy, sticky pregnancies. X

Whatsername17 Tue 21-Mar-17 14:43:51

Try the staying posifrickentive thread. I had a mmc at 13 weeks in January 2016. My little rainbow baby is now 8 weeks old. The staying posifrickentive thread kept me sane throughout my pregnancy. Good luck!

MieMoosMummy Wed 22-Mar-17 08:49:45

Congratulations!! I got my bfp yesterday! Was a bit shocked as DH only got back home beginning of the month. Super excited my DD will make a fantastic big sister grin x

LisaPoouts Wed 22-Mar-17 11:40:47

Congratulations smile it's so exciting isn't it. I started a December due date group in the anti-natal bit but no one has joined yet, I couldn't find a December due date one. I might join the late November one as my due date is 5th December smile praying it sticks this time smile xx

MieMoosMummy Thu 23-Mar-17 09:04:26

Wishing you a sticky baby Lisa!! I'm so excited I could burst! Its so difficult not to tell people 😂 xx

EchoesOfLeon Thu 23-Mar-17 09:13:04

Congratulations Lisa! Hoping for a healthy 9months for you!

I had a MC in January last year and found out I was pregnant again in just two months later in March. Delighted to say that DD arrived early but well in late October.

I know it's nerve wracking being pregnant again but hold in there, sending positive vibes flowers

LisaPoouts Thu 23-Mar-17 19:24:51

Thank you so much for your kind words! Every little cramp or twinge I panic, but I know I just need relax because what will be will be and there isn't anything I can do about it. It's nice to hear nice stories of successful pregnancies smile xxx

emmaachie Thu 23-Mar-17 19:59:19

Just found out am pregnant again my son will be 6mnths on Saturday..I had him via in a dilemma..heeeelppppp

HappyCrazyTired Mon 27-Mar-17 20:25:30

Hoping to get my bfp this week 3 days late and cautiously excited 😬

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