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23 weeks and can't stop eating junk!

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MamaTT Tue 21-Mar-17 12:59:51

I'm on day 4 now of just grazing on crap between meals and I can't get out of the vicious circle! I haven't actually eaten a meal today - just copious amounts of chocolate fingers and mini cheddars. I've just ransacked the cupboards of junk and binned it all and I'm forcing myself out for a run now. Hoping I go back to normal tomorrow 😭 I've kept weight gain to a minimum so far (about 3 or 4 pounds) but at this rate I'll be the size of a house!
Anyone else like this?

Happyandhungry Tue 21-Mar-17 17:21:50

I can't stop eating chocolate. But I'm 37 weeks and only put on 20 pounds during pregnancy so I'm not worried..enjoy!

Toobloodytired Tue 21-Mar-17 17:28:20

I'm 36 weeks & have just sat & ate golden eggs
Dairy milk
French fancies

The WHOLE LOT I don't even feel shame

Lunalovepud Tue 21-Mar-17 17:30:24

I'm a bad influence but I say what what you like... Pregnancy is crap sometimes and treats are deserved!

I lost 2 and a half stone in 3 months on Slimming World after DC1 was born and am planning to do the same thing after this pregnancy... For the time being I am eating what I like and making the most of it. As long as you aren't eating chips and pizza three meals a day and are doing some exercise then I think you will be fine. smile

2sCompany Tue 21-Mar-17 18:27:51

I'm 33 weeks this week and I've gone through phases where I've eaten a load of crap one week and can't get enough salad and fruit the next. Not 'guilt' healthy eating, but just listening to what my body wants day to day. No idea about weight gain, not worth the worry 'til after the baby is born. Don't sweat it!

TwinkleStars15 Tue 21-Mar-17 20:57:51

I've put on 2st 3lbs and I'm 26 weeks - It's really stressing me out sad I reckon I'm heading towards a 4st weight gain! The recommendation is 1lb per week and I'm putting on at least 2. My BMI was 22 before so healthy but I feel so big now, I just can't stop eating.....

Deedee3311 Tue 21-Mar-17 21:53:09

Not alone. I'm 33 weeks and have been like this since 20 weeks which is when my morning sickness stopped. I saw a post on here recently where someone said the same thing and it was full of responses where women were like 'On my god! I can't stop eating junk too, I've had one whole chocolate bar today and now I'm eating pumpkin seeds' hmm and there was me sat there on my third Galaxy bar followed later by crisps and a McDonald's. I can't stop. It's awful. I am so worried this baby will be big and be in danger during the delivery, or won't fit into anything I've bought lol. Like you ive not gained much, 10 pounds in all, I have no idea how that's happened but my toddler might have something to do with it.

Don't worry you'll lose it soon after birth even if you do end up piling the pounds on.

Algebraic Tue 21-Mar-17 22:08:23

Cannot stop eating crap and terrified I'm going to get gestational diabetes!

MamaTT Wed 22-Mar-17 06:42:40

I've meal planned for the rest of the week now.
Today I'm having:
Breakfast: porridge with berries and protein shake
After gym: banana
Lunch: chicken, salad and a couple of oatcakes
Tea: chilli con carne with broccoli

I've got some hard boiled eggs, cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks in the fridge for snacking if the urge occurs. I find drinking sugar free squash made with fizzy water keeps cravings at bay too.

I'm determined! I put on 4.5 stone with when I was pregnant with DD and I don't want to be in that predicament again as it took so long to lose. I'm seeing a pre-natal qualified PT today to help me get into a routine with my workouts as I'm beginning to struggle with what I did pre-pregnancy.

It's my birthday on Saturday so will happily indulge in a good dinner with the family on Saturday night. grin

Toobloodytired Wed 22-Mar-17 12:15:24

I've on & off eaten absolute shite.....was adamant I'd end up with GD, pre eclampsia the lot!

Nope none of them....I guess if you get it you get it.

Don't sweat it too much, I've spent my entire pregnancy worried about my weight....I'm giving birth on Saturday so il deal with it next week

JessieMillz25 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:47:01

Last night I bought myself and OH chocolate bars on the 3 for £1.60 deal and ate them all myself in Tesco car park blush

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