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Bfp but line is fading and I'm spotting - help!

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StopTuggingMyMink Tue 21-Mar-17 10:57:22

I got a faint bfp on 17/03.
Followed by a definite bfp two days later (Top test on picture).
Took another test this morning expecting to see a really dark line, but it's faded to hardly visible. (Bottom test on picture).
I'm also getting rust colour creamy discharge (sorry) when I wipe.
It's not good news is it?

MrsLeBear Tue 21-Mar-17 12:20:57

NHS won't do anything at this early stage but I'd recommend going private, if you can afford it, check your HCG levels (they should double every 48 hrs or so, i think) and ask if you could be prescribed progesterone. It helped in my case - I had an early bleeding at 5w+4 and the progesterone stopped it. There may be lots of causes for the bleed and it doesn't necessarily mean it's a miscarriage, though of course possible..

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