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Freaking out about possible gestational diabetes - please help!

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soontobeamum1982 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:24:21

Just as I was starting to relax into this pregnancy and stop freaking out after a previous loss, a new source of anxiety has arisen...

I am 20+ 4 weeks. On Thursday I went to the GP with backache and nausea to double check it wasn't a UTI, which I'm prone to even when not pregnant. Luckily it wasn't, but she found sugar in my urine in the dip test. On my notes, she wrote Glucose+++ and requested my midwife schedule a test for gestational diabetes. She also pointed out - as if I wasn't already aware - that I have a VERY significant bump for my weeks, but I hadn't been worrying about that as I'm 5ft tall with a short torso, so figured there was literally nowhere else for my growing bub to go but outwards.

So I rang my midwife to discuss the test. She said they won't test until 28 weeks as glucose in urine just happens to some women during pregnancy, and I don't have any other risk factors for GD.

I have my anomaly scan on Wednesday, and they will check then if my baby is too big for dates, but otherwise the midwife said she won't see me until 25 weeks, and then test for GD at 28 weeks. She said in the meantime I should cut out all sugary drinks, biscuits and chocolate etc and to drop off all fruit juice and keep an eye on my carbs.

I've been doing that, but I'm now being super careful about every meal and trying to eat a low GI diet etc just in case, but I'm so stressed out and feel really tearful and stressed, and just feel like I've been a bit abandoned.

If I do have GD, isn't it better to find out now rather than let it go untreated (apart from me be more careful on diet) for another 7 weeks?

My mum had a very difficult pregnancy with me (I was an emergency c-sec at 27 weeks, and am an only child) and psychologically I feel like I'm certain there will be serious complications for me too and just want the docs and midwives to keep a closer eye on me... even though that's probably totally irrational because, apart from one this one rogue urine test, everything has been textbook so far with this pregnancy. (I should add I'm 34, so not the youngest first time mum).

Sorry about the essay... but is anyone else in this situation? How did you cope with the waiting for the test? And any good advice on diet? How do you keep yourself and your baby well fed while cutting back on carbs? (I don't want to cut back too much if it turns out there's actually no problem! Argh, pregnancy is such a mind***k)

gigi556 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:39:30

Take a deep breath. A low GI diet is pretty much the only prescription for GD anyway so there really isn't much point in testing for it now. Also, they test at 28 weeks because that's when the test is most accurate. Sorry I can't offer much more advice!

Ginmummy1 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:49:03

OP, I think if you're stressed and upset about this, especially after a previous loss, it's not unreasonable to ask for the test to be done sooner.

I had a GTT at 20 weeks due to PCOS (not overweight) and it was positive but only narrowly so. I was already on Metformin anyway for the PCOS but they increased my dose, I saw a dietician almost every week and they kept a close eye on me. Despite my best efforts at controlling my diet (and I was obsessive - lost weight in pregnancy and was beautifully slim just after giving birth!) I expected to have to use insulin later in the pregnancy - except that my daughter arrived at 29+3! (she's fine and the diabetes was not the cause)

I think that, if you're feeling stressed and abandoned, you should ask for an earlier GTT.

Ginmummy1 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:53:03

I meant to add - if you're eating a low GI diet including lots of veg and healthy protein you're probably eating a wonderfully nutrient-rich diet and the baby will be thriving. The doctors commented on my daughter's bloodwork just after birth, saying she'd been very well nourished - I'd done something right!

FatOldBag Mon 20-Mar-17 20:07:12

Mention it at your scan and see if they can refer you directly for an earlier GTT. I'm 5ft as well and I agree that at that height your belly has nowhere to go but out, you get pretty round pretty quickly! This pregnancy I have GD and the only thing I have as 'treatment' is a low GI diet, so what you are already doing now is the only thing you'll need to do if it is GD. However, it's pretty fucking shit to have to do a low GI diet for the next 7 weeks when there may be no need for that at all and a test could tell you immediately if it's necessary or not. I think your midwife is piss poor for that tbh. Don't worry about GD, but do see if you can get a GTT sooner - contact the diabetes department at the hospital directly for a start.

soontobeamum1982 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:46:38

Thanks everyone. I will definitely discuss it with the team at my scan and see what they say. I should add that when I called the midwife she was very attentive and reassuring, and even contacted the diabetes consultant to check whether he thought I should be brought forward. But he said no too, so obviously there's no medical reason to panic.

I'm prone to a bit of health anxiety at the best of times, so an earlier GTT or just another couple of urine tests to see where we are would certainly help set my mind at rest. If it is GD then I will deal with it; it's the uncertainty that sets me into a bit of spin.

Thanks for all your advice. Much appreciated.

EdgarAllenPoe Tue 21-Mar-17 13:20:05

It is also possible to just have a big baby but no gestational diabetes. I'm 5'2" and my bump measured above the 95th percentile constantly. I was all belly and pretty spherical. I tested negative for GD, no extra fluid, just a massive but healthy baby. He was 10lbs at birth! But as others have said, eating low GI won't do you any harm in the meantime.

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