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36 weeks growth scan results

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Dandelionrarrrr Mon 20-Mar-17 15:52:20

Hi all.
I went to see a gp as part of my antenatal checks at 34+5 she said the baby was fine and measuring accurate for the dates. I asked if he was breech but she said it wasn't her speciality and I should ask my midwife. The week later for my 36week check up I saw a midwife, she told me I was breech and measuring 4cm behind. She booked me in for 2 scans a growth one (today at 36 weeks) and 37 weeks to check the position and potentially perform an ECV.

Anyway, today I had the growth scan and baby is measuring accurately and there is no issues with anything else. He was also head down :s.

The midwife had said to keep my scan appointment at 37 weeks incase he had moved again but the sonographer had said it would be unlikely for the baby to move again. Should I cancel?
Do you think this was just a big mistake and hope I don't have to deal with the same midwife? I was so worried it feels like a relief but also an unnecessary panic.

McBaby Mon 20-Mar-17 17:06:07

Don't cancel if you baby has moved they can move again there is always room!

My last baby was head down till 38 weeks when she moved to transverse I didn't notice the movement but did notice that everything felt totally different.

Dandelionrarrrr Mon 20-Mar-17 17:48:09

That's what I thought. I was reading loads about breech babies and women were saying they were moving right up until the last min. Just felt guilty as the sonographer said to cancel because it would be unlikely for him to move again

babynelly2010 Mon 20-Mar-17 23:20:05

I would not cancel. Your baby can have what is called unstable lie. Plus planned csection is much more better experience than an emergency one, better safe than sorry.

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