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Travel insurance

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Dolwar Mon 20-Mar-17 13:55:09

Hi everyone. What is the best travel insurance for going on holiday when pregnant? Just to Europe.

SuperUnicorn Mon 20-Mar-17 16:34:41

I went to France at 24-26 weeks. I got a quote online and then emailed (so I had it in writing) to query if they needed any more details as I was pregnant, they said nothing else required as long as my midwife/GP had said ok to travel. I had winter sports insurance included too and they didn't query that either ( I used MPI).

GreenGoblin0 Mon 20-Mar-17 16:42:36

don't have any travel insurance recommendations but make sure you have your EHIC card

Dolwar Mon 20-Mar-17 18:28:54

I've ordered a new ehic. I'll just get a decent one then they should be fine

apotheke Mon 20-Mar-17 18:50:49

This comes up a lot. Don't just check that you are covered for complications and birth. Also check that your baby would be covered for neonatal care if born prematurely in another country. And also your costs of being stuck in said country until you can sort an emergency passport for baby.

apotheke Mon 20-Mar-17 18:52:30

Do not assume just because you "get a decent one" that all of the above will be covered. Make sure you check the small print and if it's at all ambiguous get cover clarified in writing. It's worth paying a bit more for this.

NuttyCasey Mon 20-Mar-17 19:16:48

I very recently had the same dilemma! Ending up booking it with Thomson (they actually use AXA) I doubled checked that they would cover the baby if it were born early and she said yes smile! Was about £60 but I wanted to make sure if the worst were to happen me and the baby would be covered.

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