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Am I pregnant/could I be pregnant?!?!?

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user1490011380 Mon 20-Mar-17 13:26:58

Hello anyone/everyone! smile
New here...
I am 25, was on microgynon for about 8 years since I was 16, have been off of this now for 5 weeks this thursday coming (in 3 days time) I stopped after my usual 3 weeks of taking the pill, and had my ususal break bleed and then stopped taking them.
I have had sex with my partner pretty much every day since, a couple of days missed here and there.
I would say after the first week being off I have had bouts of nausea type feelings/dizzy light headedness... but the main thing I have noticed is this metallic taste in my mouth that has been there now for the last few weeks I would say on and off, sometimes really bad with like excess saliva.
This last week I have been getting period type feeling aches, but no period as of yet, which would normally have started last thursday (3 days ago) ish. I have taken 6 negative tests with in the last week. But I dont know know if thats too early as has only been four weeks since my withdrawl bleed stopped this thursday coming. Can anyone help me? Advice? Im going mad here, especially this metal taste!confusedconfusedconfused Help me please! Holly smilex

GreenGoblin0 Mon 20-Mar-17 13:37:10

of course you could be pregnant if you have been having unprotected sex. no one here can tell you if you are though.. give it a few says and text again with first wee of the day.

you say your period should have started last Thursday but if you have only just come off pill your cycle will not be settled yet.

arbrighton Mon 20-Mar-17 19:25:33

pee on a stick. Repeat in a couple of days etc til either bfp or af

it's not proper periods on combined pill btw, idiot men who invented it thought women would 'miss' bleeds so invented the week break, you don't ovulate

but the symptoms you're reporting seem too early

SuziePink Mon 20-Mar-17 20:17:31

You will get some symptoms coming off the pill. It might be best to wait until you have a normal period before trying to get pregnant if you can wait, after I stopped taking the pill it took 18 months for my periods to return to normal, because you might put yourself through more "am I, aren't I" stress than necessary. As @arbrighton said the bleeds you get on the pill aren't proper periods as it stops you ovulating.

It's best not to take tests everyday, waiting a week in between is what most doctors recommend.

user1490011380 Tue 21-Mar-17 07:45:11

I think maybe they are just all symptoms of coming off the pill and I've been looking too much in to them all getting my hopes up.

Metal taste is the one that's thrown me. We are trying to conceive.

I think I'm going to limit myself to testing every other weekend now and try to stop obsessing... and see if and when period turns up I guess! smile xx

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